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  1. I don't know, all rev7 information was handed down to me via Pieter. I don't know the source.
  2. My submissions recieved 0 points

    The score corrects itself if you hit recalc. So any bug that caused this issue is gone. Once no more oddities after spotted (after manual recalc is triggered) I shall schedule a full recalc again
  3. My submissions recieved 0 points

    For 3D rankings, the best score with your GPU counts, for 2D rankings, the CPU, for memory, only your memory stick, etc. CPU+GPU combinations are irrelevant.
  4. My submissions recieved 0 points

    That's not a bug. For each of these four submissions you have a better submission with the same hardware. Only your best submission is ranked/awarded points, otherwise you could spam the rankings. You can see the better submissions by clicking the "not the best submission link".
  5. My submissions recieved 0 points

    There is a queue with submissions to calculate point/ranks, and it gets cleared at server reboot/patch installation. There have been a lot of patch installations, daily, so some submissions never got a rank. When everything stabilizes I should force a recalc for all submission made in march.
  6. My submissions recieved 0 points

    I've checked and most seem ok. If a submission did not receive a rank/score, there is a "recalculate ranking" link on the right of the submission info page. Click it once, but don't spam the button.
  7. CHAOS

    Hi Ace123, A patch was installed on production earlier today. If you think a submissions did not receive rank or points, you can hit the "recalculate ranking" link at the right of your submissions. I've clicked the link for some of your submissions made in the past few days and they look fine now.
  8. Rank and pts messed up on a few subs

    I've disabled the functionality that users can trigger a whole recalc for all their submissions. People where spamming the button and normal submissions did not get ranked. I also temporarely disabled team power points, they can cause deadlocks. I've checked all the scores above, and they all have rank & points now.
  9. Heads-up: i've temporarely disabled immediate team pts recalculation on submission to speed up everything.
  10. I'm testing a build on UAT which has much improved speed for recalculating the rankings, as the problem with all rankings which are not ok now is not that the algorithm is wrong, but there are just too many recalcs going on from people pushing buttons.
  11. An automated test with a limited db does not cover all the scenario's which occur on a 2.2 million db with 1500 people making submissions.
  12. FYI points will be recalculated only when #1 spot changes in a ranking, rank position is always recalculated
  13. When you edit a score and change vital information (hardware used etc), your points and ranks are being reset while awaiting recalculation. The recalcation went fine but too slow, so I assigned more available threads for that. Until the recalc is done you don't see the submission in rankings. Not sure whether it is a good idea or not to wipe out the points and ranks when making changes, but I favor this over getting stuck with points you did not deserve and just corrected a faulty submission.