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  1. Hi, Glad i found a FREE (yes oO) Maximus IX Extreme, ok iam not a 2019 guy. Sadly this board is doing worse than my z170 pro gaming.... i cant find stability at same timming (cf my screen before) ... 3733Mhz 14-14-14-28 2T, almost everything fixed, also RTL/iOL @ 57-56-7-6, i managed to reach the same perf than with the pro gaming but that was a very hard war. That board sometime that booted at 3866 stable ingame on win10 for hours...!, i was so happy, but next reboot gave me code 55 or 49, couldnt understand. Same story at 3733 even with tRDWR fixed at 14 or 15...but today its ok ROCKSTABLE ! did i miss something oO ? a boot voltage...? Grrr ! but i enjoy:b
  2. Seems its wont boot at 12 :[ but well i constated another thing : my superpi results are never the same , at each boot or during same session they can be differents, they are between 7m00 and 7m09 , do i miss something ?? the os is win10 but very light
  3. for information and/or explaination , i experienced some stranges results on my z170 (asus pro gaming) + B-Die 3600C15 GTZ (the one with close chip) -> TRDWR sg/dg/dr/dd = 15 // superPi = 7m01 -> TRDWR sg/dg/dr/dd = 13 // superPi = 7m09 -> TRDWR sg/dg/dr/dd = 14 // superPi = 7m00 Strange ? Normal ?
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