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  1. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x Galax RTX 2080TI HOF OC LAB

    sold, thanks hwbot
  2. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x Galax RTX 2080TI HOF OC LAB

    Up for sale are my two cards i received as finalist at galax goc 2018.both brand new as replacements from final. You get exactly what you see in the picture, that means the board only without any cooling. Buyer gets the xoc tools in private Price is 1250E per card, 2400E for both. Price include shipping inside EU, outside please ask before. Payment via paypal or bank account ( preffered) and buyer takes care of fees.
  3. Nice to have you around grandpa, you have to supervise us in sauna =))
  4. You can buy a Apex XI and a second hand Apex X for the price of dark, you have two boards, windows XP, etc. I am not saying that Dark is a bad board however the price is little bit too much for this platform.
  5. So geekbench 3 memory score is it multi-core or the single-score ?
  6. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K, 6730, 6800 R15!

    sold, can be closed
  7. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K, 6730, 6800 R15!

    #1 sold
  8. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K, 6730, 6800 R15!

    Up for sale 2 cpu's from some recent binning. #1 Does 5000 1.13 , 5300 1.29 cinebench on water, did 6730 on ln2 550E shipped in EU #2 does 5000 1.12, 5300 1.28 cinebench on water, did 6800 on ln2 700E shipped in EU Both easy to handle with minimal voltages without cb or cbb, boxed but will shipp without it, warranty on intel website. Payment via paypal or bank transfer.
  9. Alex@ro

    Single stage - Basic noob settings

    Nothing you can do, temperature limit. Chip will take more volts and give you more freq once you go lower on temp.
  10. Alex@ro

    [Price check] 9900K

    considering these are average or below average retails, maybe 450E ?
  11. Alex@ro

    [FS] 9900K's( 6,83 & 6.89R15)!

    sold,thanks for hosting hwbot
  12. Alex@ro

    [FS] 9900K's( 6,83 & 6.89R15)!

    900e final price, 380 over a random cpu from shop, easy best of 20
  13. Alex@ro

    [FS] 9900K's( 6,83 & 6.89R15)!

    still here
  14. Alex@ro

    [EU] [WTB] a CPU DICE pot (again)

    ekwb sf3d cpu pot with normal mounting ( not ekwb one) ==> 140E shipped.
  15. Alex@ro

    [FS] 9900K's( 6,83 & 6.89R15)!

    price reduction 950e , top watercooling, almost 6900 r15