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  1. You think too much Frederik... Same as you believe offline comps=online comps. Same as first place in a challenger competition for example would get 250 points similar to first place in level 1 live competition, let's say G.skill for example. winner of challenger buys a specific set of components then benches at home. Winner of g.skill does 1 qualifier where he has to be top6 ( buying stuff specific for this stage) then travels half of world , misses 1 week of work, benches 2 days then maybe he enters finals then another day of live benching . Quite a little bit different i would say. Strip away country cup or team cup comps, you really want to insult all the guys that benched for this, not for prizes but for fun, teamwork and points ofc.
  2. Alex@ro

    [FS]8700K@6900 R15 !

    everyone waiting for 7g chips at 500E
  3. I think the live competitions deserves something better than being compared to challengers or whatever was on oc-exports, they are organized and held by manufacturers, how come they won't matter for career ranking?
  4. competition points don't matter for career?
  5. Alex@ro

    [FS]8700K@6900 R15 !

    A result of some recent binning, solid cpu doing 6900/6500(6600 cache worked also but not screened) Cinebench R15 tested quickly on Apex X. Ambient proved also strong doing 5400@1.37 undelidded Price is 650E shipped in Europe, payment via paypal or bank account, buyer takes care of fees.
  6. Good luck with 50 hw points submission, i admit i voted 50 becuase i misunderstood with carrer total hw points, this is non-sense. Quality over quantity, you are reorganizing the database because it was too hard to keep evidence and now 50 hw points slots per year You want mediocrity, bench every weekend whatever you can , year after year. You want stellar results? Wait, there are cards and cpu's to be binned, e-powered, lucky runs etc. 50 of those and repeat year after year. You are overcomplicating a hobby which is already a niche few people from outside ( and a lot from inside also i might add) can understand. Overclocking is about pushing limits not benching every integrated controller under the sun in chase for hw points that NOBODY cares about. Also would be nice if some of you guys would stop being rude to Splave, he is a good guy and deserves a little bit more respect. The bad guys that led to this situation the hwbot is right now are long gone and also rebranded ffs...
  7. I noticed the same, 4800c14 slower than 4133 c12 in everything except geekbench. Comparing screenshots it looks like the latency is the only thing better at tight timings therefore it should have the most importance for physics,32m etc
  8. Are you sure about memory? I did 4300+ 12 11 11 on kb-x and 4000+ quad channel 12-11 easy on skl-x. Please be aware imc on skl-x is tricky, in the beggining the mem freq had to be lower to improve cbb but latest bios-es fixed this. Regarding vrm board was good for lhe on kbl-x and 1.5V+ worked fine on skl-x 18 core. I am sure you will get good results from either board be it x299 formula , Asus Apex or Evga dark, just don't make decisive conclusions before testing with your own hands.
  9. Alex@ro

    [FS] Binned 7920X !

    cpu is sold, thanks hwbot
  10. Alex@ro

    [FS] Binned 7920X !

    cpu is pending
  11. Main page is down, tried some specific also down. How about you fix the servers first before changing revision? You have a bricked house foundation yet you are concerned of the cosmetics and lines, your try to fix these as the foundation keeps deterioration and overall your house still has limited usage and issues and eventually it will have no one living in it anymore
  12. You can try to lower RTL initial value as low as you can meaning the board will train most of the times the tightest RTL's possibl.e Then change Offset from 21 21 try to go lower . Manual setting usually will give you 55, tightening RTL at high freq is not easy and also not very rewarding, it looks like the higher frequency you go the impact of RTL's and tertiary is lower compared to let's say 4000.
  13. The 1801 bios was excellent for memory testing , some older kits that had issues with 9900K ( for example would do 4220+ 12 11 on 7700K or 8700K but would not boot anything more than 4080 on 9900K) worked as expected with 1801 bios and 9900K and 8700K. Maybe you can try to reflash and start from scratch.
  14. Alex@ro

    [FS] Galax HOF 2080TI Retail !

    payment is almost received, can be closed
  15. Alex@ro

    [FS] Binned 7920X !

    nobody wants this lol