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  1. Ok, this has a point. However the following thesis comes. Instead of all this hassle, wouldn't it be simpler to count only the performance cores? Efficiency ones are there like some sort adjuvants to help the consumption go lower when performance is not needed. Some might say older 8cores would be in disadvantage but hey, each gen should be better than what it replaces. To further move one, what if tomorrow a new cpu is announced which has 8 cores but 32 threads ? Yeah, it can run 4 threads on a core, this is really not sf. Where would you put that cpu? In 8 core, 16 core or 32 category?
  2. Oh...i don't give much about my country but if you judge me because of that we are going to have a big problem. Not sure what you reffer to but i was strictly talking about this situation. If you really want to talk politics i will message Xtreme Addict and he will post few pages of good political info and after reading that i am pretty sure you will never recover So...what, i am not allowed to complain if it is free? If i send you guys 1K euro can i rant on every topic i want whenever i want? Sounds like fun Further on, don't make the mistake to think that because it is free people will not care. I can assure you they do, for every single damn submission affected on the road by some futile management decision, they do. You really are missing the point. It is a very good thing that Roman took hwbot. And also that you Alby are still here you old fart. However what is this topic about? You have real concerns and you gave a lot of thought for what? If intel's alderlake should be categorisez as a 16C, as 8C, as a 8+8 hybrid ? Let's see. Intel spec page lists it as 16 total core. Intel;s marketing reffers to it as a 16 core. It has 8 big cores with very good ipc and 8 efficiency cores which are more or less skylake. 8+8 equals 16, not 8 not 12 not whatever you disable from bios. What is the amazing innovation here? I fail to see. Where is the fun in disabling those poor cores. WOW, you have a brand new cpu except ...it is the same. Quick question. I have a 5950x and one ccd is 300 mhz better than the other. Why can't i disable the worser one and bench like a 8core.? Have fun, over&out
  3. Honestly i didn't have a great laugh in ages, reading this announcement, this topic, this poll and everything that was said and discussed. I mean i am laughing not to cry, don't get me wrong, after the failures of the idiots that ran this place before it is really sad to see a matter like this popping out. I am only going to say that there are divisions everywhere, in boxing, in olympics, in bodybuilding etc. I have yet to see Usain Bolt winning olympics then competing in a wheelchair in paralympics or whatever is it called. Oh and last thing, if i was rich enough i would pay some hackers to erase this website content and instead turn it into some LGBTQ+++ whatever social website. With explicit pics and videos of course. Seeing two teddy-bears calling themselfes daddy and having some fun is as disgusting as seeing this decision.
  4. Ahhahaha, sure that's a so-dimm
  5. What can it do in single core? Looking for some 32M fun, would help if you show 7100+
  6. Depends how much you scalp them for, i was really happy in the past when DDR3 era was ending to sell a 2400C8 Pi and the Vengeance Pro 2666C10 for 1000E I do undestand what you are saying and it makes sens, but isn't it ego we are all driven by?
  7. Looking for one, new or used doesn't matter if it's in good condition. Preferably in Europe, if you have this model please pm me and we can work things out.
  8. I will be binning a few next week, what premium are you looking to pay extra though? For a few bucks it doesn't make sense to test your certain demands
  9. Interesting, what's the difference though at let's say 4000 12-11-11 sr vs dr ?
  10. Single-rank, dual-rank djr should still be way easier than b-die on rocket lake. Regarding S-pi i did not test, shouldn't be that far off though, twr and trtp can go retard low btw.
  11. Hey guys, let's talk and post results of the hynix djr ic here. You already know that these broke memory frequency WR on Z490, well things only got better on Z590. With the better IMC from RocketLake now these sticks can be used for competitive benching as well. I had a shot with them on Asus Maximus XIII Apex and things are interesting. Let me put it this way. On air a decent Hynix DJR Kit is most of the times better than a very good B-die kit. On cold if your Cpu can handle both high core clock and memory clock at same time, a decent Hynix DJR kit is similar to a great B-die kit. To tell the whole story, Hynix DJR is way easier to handle, no need for maxmem, if it enters windows it usually runs without hickups. I was really excited about the Hynix DJR performance and really hoped that they will send the Samsung B-die at the thrash bin after so many years of painfull benching, sadly they cannot top but they are a very very viable alternative. You can find 3 profiles in Apex Bios which work and they give a good starting point if you want to try Hynix DJR on your brand new Apex and Rocket Lake Results on Intel 11900KF and Asus Maximus XII Apex: Hynix DJR cooled down to -150: DDR4-5866 17-27-27, memory score at 5 ghz on older microcode bios ==> 12058 Which is better than the memory score of Samsung B-die DDR4-5333 15-15-15 (12034) in same conditions. Hynix DJR on air can do between DDR4-5600-5700 with C19 and the performance is equivalent to a Samsung B-die DDR4-5000-5066 C14. Cold findings with Hynix DJR: - they scale good till -50, at -150 there is a small gain but not much. - trcd and trp remain same air vs cold, no gain - trfc which really helps these ( 20 values tighter in TRFC gives 100 points boost in geek3 memscore) sadly is the same on cold - secondary and tertiary go very low, on ln2 tighter than air but no performance gains. There are no twr or trtp or whatever issues Samsung B-die has. Here is my best result with HyperX DDR4-4600 C19 based on Hynix DJR on ln2: Similar performance to Samsung B-die at DDR4-5333 15-15-15 Feel free to post your results and experiences as well, maybe we can find some better binns or better sorting methods.
  12. Those might be c-die, hard to believe there are some b-die of that low quality, might be interesting to remove hs and check, software reporting is not to be trusted all times
  13. 00xx are for testing/oc bioses, bigger numbers are official/stable/tested for general use bioses
  14. all sold, can be closed, thanks hwbot
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