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  1. Within tradition the ROG overclocking series continues with Z390 as well . You can download latest tools here : OC PACK MAXIMUS XI GENE latest bios : 0043 ( improves oc capability of short-traced dimms such as G.Skill RGB or Galax based A2-pcb) USB Flashback: Few notes: 1. LN2 wise the benching experience with additional voltages is quite same, RSVD switch works most of time for solving CBB issues, some cpu's can scale with up to 1.85V PLL Termination . Typically new cpu's scale up to 1.8V for multi-thread and 1.95+ for single-threaded benchmarks. 2. No more slow-boot with Samsung B-die sticks and tight timings 3. Cofee Lake refresh has a little bit different IMC compared to regular Cofee Lake, meaning you might need to sort your oc-dimms again and also some dimm's are simply not liked by the new IMC. A value of 0.95 vttdram helped few kits in my case but ymmv. 4. Make sure you use a strong PSU otherwise you might run into issue and experience shutdown in heavy-load benchmarks. While using heater and hard benchmarks it is best to use heatspreader on VRM. 5.For Windows 7 use the Asmedia USB ports that are located above the HDMI . You need to install driver which you can find here: Asmedia USB Driver 6.The Maximus XI series use a new way of measuring vcore which is more accurate. elmor explained it here: https://www.overclock.net/forum/27686004-post2664.html?fbclid=IwAR28uwLxzdE6mG7Hya0w17pTYFoPwYTWNpuZw7-9_KJMnHNI3wgR-kN5qpc
  2. Alex@ro

    GALAX GOC 2018 online qualifier thread

    Personally i would validate these results unless there is a special exploit that you can use with these drivers and not with newer ones. Well done to all contenders, for the excitement i really wished i would had participated but see you guys in Vietnam !
  3. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K !

    can be closed
  4. Alex@ro

    [FS] Great ambient 8700k !

    already sold , can be closed, thnks hwbot
  5. Alex@ro

    [FS] Great ambient 8700k !

    Thanks man, seeing 420+ shipping is lowest price is Europe for 8700K and this piece you find out from 20-25 pieces i am really wondering what is going on
  6. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K !

  7. Alex@ro

    [FS] Great ambient 8700k !

    weekend sale 500e shipped
  8. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K !

    Ok, this weekend sale 600E shipped otherwise they go back to shop and everyone is happy
  9. Alex@ro

    [FS] Great ambient 8700k !

    amazingly how a 6800+ r15 cpu has trouble selling at this price, based on my testing so far and the cpu's i sold to other people this should be 6800+ easy
  10. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K !

  11. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K !

    Never tested on x apex but it should be about 1.15 smth like that. I've seen 1.3x volts on forums for retails so definatly these are decent at least
  12. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K !

    thanks Bala !
  13. Alex@ro

    [FS] 2 x 9900K !

    Up for sale 2 pieces of latest Intel Core i9 9900k. Few of them were for sale in our shitty country so i managed to grab 2 and quick tested on water cooling, one did 5ghz cinebench 1.23 one 1.24 in any case very very close so i did not bother marking which one did what , tested on Maximus X apex with a regular water and room temp. No further test since this is clearly worser than what i have already. Price is 625E per piece with shipping included in Europe, exactly what i paid in shop so i thought before returning maybe have a shot here and maybe some people will take them as the price is clearly lower than in rest in Europe and availability is 0. Payment via paypal or bank account. Only available this week, if not sold i will just return them to shop.