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  1. I will be binning a few next week, what premium are you looking to pay extra though? For a few bucks it doesn't make sense to test your certain demands
  2. Interesting, what's the difference though at let's say 4000 12-11-11 sr vs dr ?
  3. Single-rank, dual-rank djr should still be way easier than b-die on rocket lake. Regarding S-pi i did not test, shouldn't be that far off though, twr and trtp can go retard low btw.
  4. Hey guys, let's talk and post results of the hynix djr ic here. You already know that these broke memory frequency WR on Z490, well things only got better on Z590. With the better IMC from RocketLake now these sticks can be used for competitive benching as well. I had a shot with them on Asus Maximus XIII Apex and things are interesting. Let me put it this way. On air a decent Hynix DJR Kit is most of the times better than a very good B-die kit. On cold if your Cpu can handle both high core clock and memory clock at same time, a decent Hynix DJR kit is similar to a
  5. Those might be c-die, hard to believe there are some b-die of that low quality, might be interesting to remove hs and check, software reporting is not to be trusted all times
  6. 00xx are for testing/oc bioses, bigger numbers are official/stable/tested for general use bioses
  7. all sold, can be closed, thanks hwbot
  8. Not released yet but people already sell them on forums, great job Intel, looks loke a smooth-sailing company....
  9. Very strong chiller, i had it when i had porn thoughts with some vga cards. I replaced the pump with a iwaki md40, top japanese stuff which will last for ages. Basically if this unit is shipped properly it should last until the end of overclocking
  10. #2 sold as well, only #3 still available
  11. #1 payed and sold, rest of them available
  12. Well while i do know and experienced myself that 3d scores are harder to get than 2d you also have to take into consideration the costs related to this. With current cards costs it makes absolutely nonsense. I mean 2000$ is already a lot of money for a video card however with current mining situation and lack of stock we have a rtx3090 kingpin edition at 4000$ in Romania right now. Getting a random one does not guarantee you anything to say at least. Since 3dcards have no categories like cpu core count you get no points for a mainstream card for example. On
  13. Yes, what's happening with brexit is amazing to say at least. Taxes are same like if you order from outside EU, many packages are seized France or Germany. I sent a cpu to UK with a 200E value, the customer payed 102 quids taxes. Such a sad story...
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