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  1. Eager to test some however that trcd so high doesn't get me excited, unless they do C12 at 4400C12 easy with full pot and low enough trcd i don't see how these can come close to b-die
  2. Hello, Up for sale are 3 8700K's i found from a few dozen pieces i binned lately. Binning was done on water and for those 3 pieces i delidded them and replaced stock grease with liquid metal Conductonaut. Room temperature was 24-25 degrees with a good water cooling, obviously not as strong as a hailea chiller some guys use but my results are always comparable to other wc solutions or AIO. Motherboard used was Asus Maximus XI gene with llc6. I would also like to add that the voltage i mention is the one that i set in bios or turbovcore, the one that cpu-z shows is lower, for example 5500@1.34V set in bios resulted in a load cpu0-z voltage of 1.296... 1., Nr.1 Best one i found and also best one i had ever on water. Does cinebenchR15 5400@ 1.28, 5500@ 1.34, 5600/5300 cache @ 1.44V. , 5400 cache also worked but did not screened it Beside the amazing core this cpu has a killer imc, it can train and boot 5000 in Dual-Channel! and also train and boot 5200 divider in single channel. 2. Nr.2 Vietnam batch, really solid and it actually also did 5600 three quarters of run at 1.49 however temps went over 80 and it crashed. Does cinebench R15 @ 5400@1.31, 5500/5300@ 1.38V Strong imc as well, can train and boot 5100 divider on water single channel. 3.Nr3 Solid cpu as well, pretty close to nr 2 but 5600 would not go, might be because one core is hotter than the others and i have to reapply conductonaut better, who knows. Does cinebench r15@ 5400@ 1.33, 5500@1.40v Strong imc that will train and boot 5100 divider on water single channel. Prices are : 1. 700E 2. 500e 3. 450E Prices include shipping in Europe and i can shipp till 23 may, later i will be in Taipei for 2 weeks so if you decide in this period your cpu will be shipped on 7th of June. Payment via paypal or bank transfer ( would actually prefer Revolut). Cpu's will be properly packed and shipped unlike the french method shown on some thread here :))
  3. I don't know what Luumi smoked but i have yet to see a difference between few different pots regarding maximum mhz on 4-6-8 core, not even to speak of 7350K which is dual core. Direct die gains make sense, you are removing one layer of thermal resistance between die and pot base, no surprise.. Sure, move to 10+ core and the gains can be seen, control is way better, easier benching life. However i would bet a hefty amount of money that if we could run 28-core at full-pot let's say, the pot with biggest mass will not win, rather than a mix of decent mass but LOTS of contact surface with ln2.
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    You have pm, i think i have something you might like: )
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    first beer is on me , 24-6
  6. Nope, worst packaging for a cpu, period. First of all if you only send a cpu without cooler or mobo or whatever you can send it as document. you take three bubble wrap envelopes, you seal the cpu in the plastic cover, put it in bubbled envelope three times, shipp it. It will travel as an envelope with other envelopes, so no bix boxes around or other things to be afraid of.
  7. Up for sale another binned cpu. Quick pretesting on water showed 5300 R15 @ 1.30-1 on Maximus XI Apex with regular water cooling, cool cpu barely reaching 75. Ln2 showed 6870 with very quick pretesting, 6900 crashed halfway so with little tweaking and lucky run it can be achieved. Not screened but did 7430 validation and a 7370 pifast. Price is 600E shipped in EU. Payment via paypal or bank transfer ( preffered ! )
  8. I am sorry to ruin the fun for you, BUT, when you receive an ITEM, you TEST IT, no mods , no 8700K on z170, nothing unorthodox, you test it at stock and then you test to see if it meets whatever was advertised. If i would sell you a 8700K which i knew it is good and tested before shipping to you, properly packed, and first thing you do is mod and put on z170 then complain it doesn't work, i would send you to sing to other table. There are many things that can go wrong even when everything is official, remember this, if shit can happen, it will happen sooner or later. In your case, well, if you saw that there is a scratch then this was a very big question mark, should notify the seller right away even before testing. However his answer and the way the handles things looks shady, sorry for your loss... Shipping is tricky, and the delivery companies are well known for playing football with the packages, it is the seller responsability to pack it bulletproof so it arrives in good shape to the buyer. If damages occur the shipper should refund the buyer and then deal with the shipping company. Quite simple....
  9. i also grew a beard so definatly slacking hard =)) thanks
  10. Check that you don't have ln2 mode turned on by accident. Also the temperature difference can be because of too high auto pll termination and standby, put them manually at 1.1V and see if you still have big temps.
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