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  1. You know boards are different hence different behaviour...
  2. This is what you are looking for, try it and let me know how it goes : Maximus XI Apex 0050 BIOS ( older bios from January similar to 0057 from Maximus XI Gene): 0050 Older Maximus XI Apex
  3. Nop, actually no, memory clocks are a huge improvement in apex x with proper setup you can do 4400 c12 for example, m9a hardly did 4280, plus m10a is way more consistent in training. there are also other changes as well.
  4. I tested one sample and did 2200 for benchmakrs, psycho also did 2230, maximum temps with it's own cooler were like 45 degrees load, for daily i would say it is excellent
  5. Alex@ro

    [FS] 6940 R15 8700k!

    still here looking for new owner
  6. Alex@ro

    [FS] 6940 R15 8700k!

    600e final price
  7. Looks great, have fun with it !
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