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  1. The problem is that AMD took binning to a different new level. I got to binn some 3600X, 3700X and 3800X. To sum up, 3600X every piece was worser than 3700X which in turn every piece was worser than 3800X. Problem is that after week 1923 ( that week is my good 3800X) even 3800X quality went backwards, i tested more than 10 pieces and they simply suck compared to the earlier one. Amd took the best chiplets for server, then threadripper then desktop, and what we get in regular mainstream is the worst of the worst. I am not saying they are not great cpu's but there is simply no fun since the difference between best and worst is maxxxximum 150 mhz. I am not sure about how hard is to be in top of the chain for overclocking however I know for sure that if you like something you enjoy every piece of it no matter what efforts you make. I cannot count the nights i spent in the cold outside the house in the winter to bench something, how many trips i made for dice in the beggining and then later on i used to drive 400Km to get 50 liters of ln2. And i regret nothing, would do it again probably and that's because i enjoyed every bit of it.
  2. payment received, kit is now sold, thanks for space hwbot !
  3. cpu was under water, memory were all the time with stoch hs i can shipp to usa, that's not a problem
  4. approved on amd as well, sadly imc hits the ceiling over 4800 https://hwbot.org/submission/4280363_alex_ro_geekbench3___multi_core_ryzen_7_3800x_55127_points?recalculate=true
  5. I am not sure but i know that from 4000 speeds and upwards they use this pcb that works perfect on every motherboard and also specific pre-binned ic's, you will find mixed-week ic's on the stick.
  6. Up for sale a kit binned from few pieces of 4266c19 spec of Kingston HyperX Predator. Mems are retail and bench results of 4133 12-12 or 4860 14-14 were obtained using regular water cooling with 22 degrees ambient.Not used on cold, like new. Kingston uses A2 layout but it is a different one compared to Gskill/Galax or other brand that makes them have no issues with older boards like Z170 or Z270 or Z370, they work as expected with 1T where sticks with A2 layout needed 2t or tcwl 14 to work properly. 4860 14-14-14 tight was easy on both Intel and Amd, 4933 boots very easy without tons of retraining but i couldnt get them stable enough fro geekbench on normal ambient ( cinebenches or other benchmarks work). A little bit of cold and they should do it easily. Price is 260E shipped in Europe, payment via iban or paypal, buyer takes care of fees if he doesn't send as friends.
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