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  1. It is not a theory though I had same situations in past with 7700K 8700K 9900K. Also with a pretested cpu that i sold, i could run full pot all day long without any cb or cbb, arrives to buyer, cb at -160. After properly cleaning pads and socket buyers was happy. I am not saying that it is impossible for cpu's to not run full pot just that you have to have clean socket and cpu and mount/remount on different boards, if still no go then yes... cpu hates cold and that's it.
  2. I would clean the socket with wd40 contact cleaner, spray a lot of it then with dry with hot air, repeat 2-3 times, clean the pads on the back of the cpu as well. Had this with a buyer of one cpu i sold, he couldn't go full-pot and cleaning did the job.
  3. Who said that i don't pretest on air? You can imagine i do , i buy ln2 for 2$ per liter so it is not cheap to bench sub-zero. That's exactly my issue, that i pretest and all works , go ln2 and after a few crashes i have to have a new os. And yes i have image lol, thing is with damn ryzens you need to go higher on temp and be very safe otherwise image corruption has a high probability. No, i don't mix bench-mate versions anymore. The thing is that i started clean, exactly fresh version of window and bench mate 10.5 . It worked, then it didn't. Then i put new os with same bench mate , didn't ran. Download new version, didn't work. New os plus new version works. After few crashes here we go again. And to be honest you are overdoing it. I mean how many people can temper with benchmarks the way you think they do? As far as i know so far we had few scammers but most of the issues were photoshop related. And those who altered anything else were caught by the sharp eye of the optician- Splave So i am sorry, i don't have the time to search and think for cheating solution, i want to actually bench and enjoy the process not getting stuck by whatever bug of a over-zealous programmer. Let me be clear. I respect your work in the way that it's free and you are trying to improve things in order to be cheat-secure. That's awesome! However when you impose things, like bench mate mandatory for certain platforms and your app creates issues, you know what to expect. Ryzen3 sub-zero issues, b-die issues and on top of that bench-mate having issues, oh boy, hell of a benching experience....NOT.
  4. This software is junk with capital letters. I know this sounds harsh but it is major failure in my point of view. First of all i want to say that i am giving away 100$ cash for anyone that can remove this from internet or at least take the website down for at least a week. Secondly, this made me consider retiring from benchmarking for the first time in 12 years, unbeliavable. Not even ryzen on cold, not even B-die benching, not even cracks when full-pot, nothing did the job except the amazing bench-banana-mate. It makes absolutely no joy to bench anymore with this application. Yeah, everything is nice and dandy, unicorns are pink and gooses are flying until this software will simply not work. And for the worst, you cannot debug anything at it, it works or doesn't you don't know why or how to replicate the issues. Example, let alone the fact that if you are trying to run two versions on the same system for example 0.10.5 or 0.9.3 (for geekbench) you will have only issues. Which is weird because they are standalone, you won't install them competing for same registry or cache or whatever. Benchind amd ryzen 3 on windows 10, clean os, working benchmate. Few restarts and nothing works. Benchmate will start but no benchmarks will load, will be stuck at loading. Of course the benchmarks run if you start them on their own. So, i reinstall os and try again. Nope. Meanwhile i tried cleaning cache, temp files, prefetch, whatever , no go. I download a clean benchmate and try it, not working. Final solution, new operating system with clean benchmate, finally it works. Also i had many crashes from memory when geekebcnh was nice and stable. How come, i mean benchmate is harsher than geekbench or what? Why do i have to do this? Why do i have to waste time and ln2 and etc for running a software on top of my benchmarks? In my experience over time i found that eventually you can find answers to most common issues with benchmarks. Google it, this forum, ask a fellow overclocker, eventually you know what to do. But with benchmate, you are left blind and dumb, both at the same time. My ranting stops here, i would rather pay for supporting hwbot, hire a full-time guy to check for cheaters and everything rather than use this junk. It gives issues most of the times, when nothing works you don't know what to do to fix it. While the idea is great, i hate cheaters and i would send them to guilotine, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Sorry, i would rather hope that the developer can fix the issues by being annoyed at my post rather than praise the software when it doesn't work.
  5. i would also set level 0 bandwith
  6. Weird, you praised TeamGroup like there is no tomorrow on facebook, now you need better memory.
  7. yes it is, i said i need 3v in vccsa not that i used that amount :D
  8. Alex@ro


    that has been my cpu, iirc it does 5300 cinebench easy on water. Imc is stroooong, was one of the chips i selected for imc from more than a hundred for last year gskill world cup.
  9. Yupp, my best A0 kit does 4260-70 12-11 wazza compared to max 4240 on z270/370/390 but geekbench is lower for some reason, guess more threads means more memory to use, from 4350 12-11 on z370/90 went to 4300 12-11....
  10. Well check the performance as well, some subs on 4 dimmers to hit 4800c14 are horrible, tcwl 18 and stuff like that....
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