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  1. I would say those that have T and X in beggining of serial should be all PSC...
  2. Up for sale are a few kits that i have no use for, have better kits at the moment. Currently trying to put some money together to have fun with a high-end gpu. #1 Retail HyperX Predator DDR4-4266C19 Based on b-die, they use a slight different layout compared to other vendors which interestingly makes them very easy to bench especially on AM4 Ryzen Cpu's. To put things in perspective, if using a regular A2 kit you get 3 succesfull attempts of training from 5 tries, these will boot and train 5 out of 5. They do love cold,-50 is rock stable with solid results. Usin
  3. Please do test, unless we have a specific and tried situation we cannot ask Asus to fix if we don't know for sure it's an issue....
  4. I think that's your cpu to blame, i had cpu's that did the same as you describred, and others worked fullpot flawless, did you test the cpu on other board to see if it's specifically board issue or cpu behaviour?
  5. Oh wait, did i say something against what you wrote? I don't think so. No need to do censorship, you will piss more people than you will please. What, is it wrong to know the history in order not to repeat mistakes? I don't think so. And no, i was not referring to last years, i am reffering to the good years, when every vendor supported hwbot, when intel had xtu development with hwbot, there were lots of competitions etc etc. Those were good times and good money wasted as well. And stop promoting that catasthrope of World Tour, you know better than before that at Msi Moa, Gigabyt
  6. I have something to say as well. The fact that the website has new owners is indeed amazing. However we can see some issues with the patreon funding meaning people are not actually eager to support with their money the new initiative. That being said i talked with a few people and basically no one is eager to fund hwbot because of the past issues. There were years in the past when hwbot was a money-machine making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Yes, you read that correct, xxxxxx $ per year. Massman was a youngster back then and he was tricked by a few scam
  7. How is patreon supporting different than buying the software? If the ones that donate have acces to newer and improved version i fail to see which is which. And of course i will be the last one to donate to this pile of crap. Sorry to be fanatic against it however for the dozens of hours that this crap made me loose for nothing, literally nothing i won't forget that easily. It was not enough dealing with windows, different benchmark bugs and instability due to pushing things to their limit, NOO, another layer of troubles had to come on top of those with it's differen
  8. Btw, competition points are no longer counted on career ranking or it's just one of the neverending bugs? I had the impression that top 10 competition results are taken into consideration on career ranking... I mean i can't see my gskill lor galax or whatever online competition i won anywhere...?
  9. Yes, FCLK 100%. I had also seen a cpu that simply ran fullpot only for ...5 minutes or something like that then never again. Air is same but fullpot is simply not possible. Anyways, thank you AMD for the I/O die being made on the cheap 14nm and creating these issues on cold. @rbuass When are you trying to apply timings and freq? Easiest way. Go -40 -50 , load ln2 profile, apply, keep the temp, then apply your ram timings and such, get things working then cool down. You might or may not experience restarts on the way to fullpot , this again depends on the chip itself, i had chip
  10. Well i was saying 7 ghz in order to have a chance at WR Great score so far, keep pushing, isn't 4800c14 faster than 3200 c10?
  11. AMD being better clock per clock than intel, surely feels like Athlon4 times. If only they did 7 ghz for single-thread....
  12. Best on bot? In what way? not having it tested on ln2 makes it...i don't know, probably 150E-200E. IF you put this on ln2 and it breaks multipe records for 3770K category i guess you can have 500-700E out of it from a hardware points collector.
  13. So you are saying hwbot has been bought and paid but still the buyers cannot make use of their purchase? This guy Frederika cares a lot about the community as we can see....
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