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  1. Cpu is solid for sure however you should advertise this as 5400@1.45V. I agree it is nice when you see under 1.30V in cpu-z but you set 1.45V and on another brand for example msi or gigabyte users might reach same freq but they will reach it when set 1.45V for example in bios and in their case cpu-z would read 1.45-1.48 whatever. And yes, on asus z390 the reading method has changed and it is much much more accurate to the actual voltage the cpu gets. On Apex X for example you will have to set 1.45V, you will reach same freq while your cpu-z will show 1.488-1.496. Remember you give a voltage command to the board but the voltage that the cpu cores actually get is different since we have not yet found the perfect conductor. So if you don't wnat to dissapoint a buyer advertise what is set in bios so he can replicate your result. You say 5400@1.28, buyer has a different board, he tries 1.28 no go, 1.30 no go, 1.35V no go he will already think you scammed him. You say 1.45V and he needs 1.45 V. or lower., he will be happy. Long story short, your cpu is very strong since 5400 9900k on regular water is very had to find, the price is fine but don't over-advertise this...
  2. This looks fine for daily, i see no problems if you have a good cooling solution
  3. You conclusion is wrong for sure. First of all i benched few chips, some did had weird issues on cold, some ran full pot. Secondly in order to compare and have a conclusion you must have same overclocker and same cpu then you try both cards and see any difference if any. And third of all which is also most important. AMD's Agesa is like a blackbox, vendors cannot tweak it like they would see fit because it is hard-locked, that is the reason safe mode does not work like on intel asus motherboard, that's the reason why when you install a new cpu you loose all bios settings and many other things.
  4. Of course, tweaking auxiliary voltages is for helping with cold bug and other issues when going ln2, it will not affect core frequency on air/water, cache can be maxxed out with small bumps like 1.3 termination should be more than enough for pushing this on regular cooling.
  5. The problem is that AMD took binning to a different new level. I got to binn some 3600X, 3700X and 3800X. To sum up, 3600X every piece was worser than 3700X which in turn every piece was worser than 3800X. Problem is that after week 1923 ( that week is my good 3800X) even 3800X quality went backwards, i tested more than 10 pieces and they simply suck compared to the earlier one. Amd took the best chiplets for server, then threadripper then desktop, and what we get in regular mainstream is the worst of the worst. I am not saying they are not great cpu's but there is simply no fun since the difference between best and worst is maxxxximum 150 mhz. I am not sure about how hard is to be in top of the chain for overclocking however I know for sure that if you like something you enjoy every piece of it no matter what efforts you make. I cannot count the nights i spent in the cold outside the house in the winter to bench something, how many trips i made for dice in the beggining and then later on i used to drive 400Km to get 50 liters of ln2. And i regret nothing, would do it again probably and that's because i enjoyed every bit of it.
  6. payment received, kit is now sold, thanks for space hwbot !
  7. cpu was under water, memory were all the time with stoch hs i can shipp to usa, that's not a problem
  8. approved on amd as well, sadly imc hits the ceiling over 4800 https://hwbot.org/submission/4280363_alex_ro_geekbench3___multi_core_ryzen_7_3800x_55127_points?recalculate=true
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