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  1. After further investigation, I located the error in my submission and corrected it. Can i get my rookie status back now?
  2. Can a mod help with this issue. I know why you get elevated in classes but I haven’t used any other types of cooling other than room temps/ambient for my overclocks. I can’t find what submission it was but I must have made a mistake in the drop down selection when manually entering my information. Please help and delete submission and restore my rookie status.
  3. still having the msi non approved error when trying to submit score

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    2. Jasper Daniel07

      Jasper Daniel07

      i can get it to 5.3  cinebenched at 5419

    3. Jasper Daniel07

      Jasper Daniel07

      or were u refering to the build  lol  


    4. Jasper Daniel07

      Jasper Daniel07

      i hope the asus itx mini can handle that beast 3950

  4. I am using a MSI z390 godlike mobo and when i try to submit a score i get this alert. Anyone know why? Micro-Star International Co. could not be matched to a known motherboard vendor. MEG Z390 GODLIKE (MS-7B10) could not be matched to a known motherboard model.
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