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  1. lo Doug, I have 4 sticks of 3600C16 that I used on my daily before. Just pm me if you are still looking
  2. Just look at the screenshots and analyze... FYI you have GPUPi for CPU and a version for GPU
  3. Leeghoofd

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    I never mentioned these subs would become BenchMate only...After the merge we are obliged to use the latest BenchMate version as older versions will no longer be compatible as they put out an incorrect datafile.(benchmark name changed) Soon it will be that the old verification screenshot and straight via BenchMate submission system will be possible in the same benchmark category... Nothing more and nothing less
  4. Leeghoofd

    Hwbot Points

    Reminder that beta benchmarks don't give you any hardware or career points... Now these "with benchmates" wil be merged with the standard categories soon. We are about to run some tests on the UAT server. It will be announced a week in front so you can still get any backups in. But remember once the scores are merged, we are obliged to use the new BenchMate version. Older version will no longer be compatible with the HWBOT API after the benchmark merge!!!
  5. Max clock/cache speed of 4805Mhz monitored by BenchMate or HWinfo32/64 readout (running in the background during the run)
  6. Check out the General Rules, no ES usage in any competition unless specifically stated
  7. max allowed core frequency is 4705MHz for this Challenger Division. Plz rebench at lower clock, thank you
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