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  1. Leeghoofd

    Several CPU LN2 containers

    yeah sorry it is already in Italy, removed the F1 and Venom
  2. Leeghoofd

    MSI 7970 Lightning

    I drilled a big hole in my backplate (also needed that for the GTX280 Matrix cards anyway)
  3. Leeghoofd

    Several CPU LN2 containers

  4. Leeghoofd

    What counts as sandy bridge?

    Sadly your CPU is LGA2011 which is HEDT, secondly we don't allow server CPUs since a long time at HWBOT for any competition. Maybe this needs a change for older hardware
  5. Leeghoofd

    Is team cup still on?

    Still in the making will be ready right after the challengers are done
  6. So this all boils back to the statement I have made in several threads in this forum over the years: the real problem is not solely the bugged over-algorythmened HWBOT and its choice of benchmarks, it its the OCer trying to "tweak" his ranking. If we have to remove all trickable benchmarks we will have not much left 😛 Now if you guys want to run 6 benchmarks, fine by me lol, I even bet some are trying to reproduce Matt's testing right now. I'm all in for a simplified ranking based on a simple to understand algorythm. Maybe an idea to Focus on that guys, how do you see the new algorythm, what should Frederik base himself upon. This insane complex algorythm has been developed to plz top competitors and especially 3D scores, too boost competition participation and to avoid complete recalculation of too many rankings each time a new submission was done ( server load reducement)
  7. Nr 1 is already done for your info 😛 care to elaborate on point nr 3 ? Since I'm the only one left 😛 Bala if this was the case why not just disable points themselves, everybody loves to see a ranking I guess
  8. Part of this algorythm is to decrease server load to reduce costs, keep that in mind, now I still think we need a cut off somewhere and just accredsit every score afterwards 1 point. If it was my choice I would revert back to the Hwbot of the old days Rev 3.3 or such and implement some minor changes to e.g. the old legacies as they have become way too CPU intensive, plus the cut off at a certain percentage of the top score (server load reducement)
  9. Very nice, where did the extra 100mhz came from ?
  10. Leeghoofd

    [FS] Gigabyte Z270 SOC Force LN2

    Offtopic, these have been used during the HWBOT world tour stop at CES Las Vegas 2017, e.g. Steponzi running over 6600Mhz on not so special 7700Ks, mems close to 2000Mhz (with bclocking)
  11. Leeghoofd

    Old skool motherboards

    Tried everything man, other CPUs, PSUs , USB , PS2 devices, PATA, SATA. Gonna reflash the bios and than I give up
  12. Leeghoofd

    Golden 2600k & 3770K

    impatient kid