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  1. We will have a meeting with the different mods and will have a vote, keep you posted...
  2. Site is alive again. Though we requested the involved user to try it again just to check the new implementations done by the programmer.
  3. Main site is down due to the coding creativity of one of our community members. Since it is bank holiday it will take way longer than normal to get the site back up and secure it. Expected downtime till at least friday included. If you need to check some scores, you can always try out the test server at uat.hwbot.org. Remind you it is only running on a few processor cores (thus being very slow) and does not include the latest scores from this week. Submitting on UAT is pointless as them scores will NOT be migrated to the main site once it is up. We hope to be back on Saturday
  4. Small Update from Intel: Just wanted to give an update: We appear to have reproduced the issue and are now narrowing down the version and changelists that might have caused the issue. We’ll keep digging and keep you posted. So let us see what brings...
  5. Added/corrected all besides the Cardea
  6. With heatspreader fully intact, they were doing 4000-4133C12 Geek3 on Z390...
  7. I don't have X299 anymore, I can do a test on Z590 if you want.
  8. 2 kits of 2 x 8GB 4133C19 G.Skill
  9. Still got 2 Gskills 4133 kits binned by Websmile and Alex@ro.... for 260 euros they are yours (without shipping)
  10. And that is without any caching software ? Hard to believe...
  11. Plz check out the other subs in the competition plz missing CPUZ tabs for CPU, memory and memory SPD tab also use the compo background plz
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