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  1. Sadly it is due to the forum upgrade that the links are again not working, programmers are tasked great result, nice to see them good old Rampages in action
  2. Yep on request server hardware was allowed for Y-cruncher stage, but no renting cloud servers plz.
  3. One benches hardware that one has in his possession, we don't rent stuff to get a score... Just the thought alone already makes me wonder how many rules you need to be bullet proof according your mindset dude. OC is already plagued by an abundance of rules due to similar rule bending mindprocessing. Just let it go and stop over analyzing things, you already have to do this at your work, don't do this in your free time
  4. I got a weird visualisation of that quote,,,, I need a very strrrong drink ... right now!!!
  5. weekly - reported - to the - programmers - again unbump ­čśŤ
  6. Reported this to the programmers, I don't have them rights to do that
  7. That Stage is not entirely Legacy GPUs, otherwise PCIe without any restrictions would not be in there right? It's a mix of the proposed stage from previous cups with an added flavor to be able to use the latest and greatest
  8. hata to burst ya bullble but you will have to run AM3 on 7 to get a valid result.... AM3 has become a CPU benchmark on from early Haswell generation, hence why global points have been pulled
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