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  1. The bot is not stopping, again it has got nothing to do with non profitable biss transactions. Roman's primary goal was to secure the database. Mission accomplished by him and Eike. Next goal is to improve the lackluster aged coding, which will be the toughest thing to achieve, mainly thanks to the overaged Java version and not receiving proper access to the coding From there on improvements and simplification to the points algorythm, interface,... but that will be 2021 projects without a doubt...
  2. Plz add a screenshot of the futuremark verification link page
  3. could you solve this problem?2020_10_15_17_11_30_Greenshoterrore2.thumb.jpg.409229e079c8dd4bcb3cd57e1ce9cc66.jpg

    2020_10_14_14_22_02_Greenshot erro.jpg

  4. 01st of November, don't have background yet
  5. That makes it just more interesting and stressfull, plus the average score counts. Also Instances = processor cores... dare to innovate 😛
  6. You have to ask a mod to remove it. Me, Bilko or georgestorm. Always crosscheck the rules: 2D scores always cpuz for cpu and memory. 3D scores add Gpuz to the above. For Amd cpu benching, due to possible RTC bug for 2D, you have to use Benchmate benchmarking tool (BENCHMATE.ORG)
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