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  1. Leeghoofd

    Team captain for Novices of United States

    nope... this was the initial plan, but as most only remain rookie/novice for a short while and -thereafter switch to a competitive team not many volunteered.
  2. Leeghoofd

    [Feeler] Price for 6950x ???

    450 euros if you are lucky
  3. Leeghoofd

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR3 stage thread:

    All stages besides the SLI in DDR4 are single card and single core only cards....
  4. SS, LN2 is too costly, single benchmark are runs of 40-45 mins, not happening for this old geezer prebin on air for max bootable bclock, check IMC too, I had good bclockers with 1866 max mem speed, so no good :p Carl will trash all the scores again... he can reach a real 0.62 for sure with his CPU
  5. Nice score , but plz read the rules for the verification screenshot...
  6. test first if these have an impact on the physx score... even as soon as you run just the Physx test the benchmark will already tell you you have altered it...
  7. just want to give him a heads up, pretty sure some peeps are watching the setup pictures for reporting soon
  8. plz add mobo tab for Team Cup compeitions in the next score
  9. pariticpation for Team Cup requires the competition background!
  10. it is a test to check the submission issues the bot has with Pcmark7 and Pcmark Vantage... 7 works apparently, Vantage verification link is still broken Charles
  11. Look I hate to quote stuff but this was your last pm I received: I understand everything, but the essence of the competition is to get results. You know that my result was correct, I admit that the rules did not finish reading. Everyone can make mistakes. I did not follow the goal of deceiving someone. You need to be loyal. I got nitrogen on the last day of the competition and did not have time to understand the nuances. But if you track all the results you could not help seeing my wprime32 result with cpu-z screenshot. Rules must be respected, but in some cases, you can make a demolition. After such a simple desire to do something in the future OSBIS disappears... My fault was that there was no time to follow up and some incorrect scores (screenshot wise) stayed in several compos too long...