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  1. Lighten up, remember you are enjoying a free service... it has been reported to the programmer, there's not much more I can't do... sit out and wait…. and if you have been here long enough it can take a looooooong time
  2. IMC load is prolly less with these sticks, keep on teting bro
  3. we had a similar ES one, CB around -150, however 6Ghz is not worth spending LN2 on...
  4. looking forwward to some in depth testing versus B Die... especially benchmarks that can scale with more memory could benefit from these
  5. missing mobo tab and plz use HWINFO64 monitoring tool, thank you
  6. Challenger Division 1 had no card limitations, RTX, TITANS and co are not allowed in the other Challenger DIVs
  7. Maybe not for 32M, but X265 might be a winner with these ICs
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