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  1. Cpu doesn 't fit in the socket, are you gonna Dremel the pcb maybe?
  2. wtf video looks like mudwrestling action without any mud...
  3. global top 20 requires a validation link ShaggySVK, you still got it ?
  4. https://hwbot.org/news/886_application_14_rules/, version 1.55 of Wprime only miss
  5. A verification screenshot is required sir, plz check out the rules: https://hwbot.org/news/13722_application_198_rules/
  6. a link to check out the submission would be helpful. (found one superposition one with 1x GPU selected) Anyway you have to rebench all as you only include one CPUZ tab for CPU and not a 2nd one for memory. Plz check out the rules at the frontpage. afterwards you get a list of all the 3D benchmark, including the rules part
  7. Random 1366 and AM3 CPUs with some decent ones 31 piece: €1.5/piece = €46.5 together plz
  8. Taskbar must be visible, if the user opted to hide it he will have to provide a proper screenshot... it is not only to spot if it is a new submission but also shows other interesting data to moderators.
  9. using LOD will also not put anyone into the Hall fo Fame... so no need to adapt the rules… we only bundled forces for the newer 3DMARKs
  10. standard rules allow LOD modification, compo rules also state: A FM/UL verification link is required so LOD allowed
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