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  1. Leeghoofd

    Followers !!!

    click on your profile name and the followers are on the left You both had no followers, I added you so you can see a list
  2. I would say a banner and points for is logic for the competitive online compos alike G.Skill and GALAX. I'm with George, the points attributed for winning and co should be a bit higher than eg a Challenger. It doesn't matter if they win 10K or not, the effort and dedication is a must even just to qualify...
  3. 2D/3D GPUPI 3.3 will be replaced anyway by 4.0 soon according the designer... Since their outputs are totally not compatible with the 3.2 or lower scores we decided to keep the points for the numerous 3.2 or older versions.
  4. Well it is the only way to counteract the loop hooling actions some already are planning for something that isn't even effective... We implemented this already in the last Country Cup and it went pretty smooth for most... either we allow everything or we go insanely strict... Someone told me OC is self destructive like +/-10 years ago... till now that remark is still valid... and I fear it will never change...
  5. it's just history repeating itself... don't worry...
  6. K What's the difference with 10 or 20 or 30 subs? Same stuff can happen... Only way to do this is indeed a new background per seaon, always full screens screenies with date/time visible and usage of latest CPU-Z...
  7. Plus Venjamin only benches the latest and greatest, usually way out of budget range of many... Just go Live Frederik and we will adapt, so I can start the challengers design
  8. For hardware points , as many subs as possible for me
  9. Nope it isn't, you don't need to do 30 globals, it means you will accredited extra if you do more than eg10... 10 with new hardware, especially the sponsored guys might be too low, it's all about balance...
  10. Any chance when rev8 goes live, so I can start making challengers accordingly..
  11. UAT site is so slow Frederik, no clue whats going on there
  12. Leeghoofd

    Please add HW

    Plz add: Supermicro C9Z390-PGW https://valid.x86.fr/d4hq04
  13. modern OC is a moderators nitemare, even the latest timespy and co can still be tricked and submitted valid sigh... Why can't peeps just press run benchmark
  14. we need wrappers, everywhere just to keep OC alive, you can make those Matt... However due to our own self destructive community attitude it might not be enough... sigh Honestly beats me why people always have to go the extra mile for some bragging rights on the internet...