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  1. It is recommended to attach CPU-Z SoC tab and Device tab or device tab
  2. We use GPU score only benchmarks in competitions, though never award points for these. It is an interesting thought though, but if we want to implement your proposal it it has to be done from the launch of a new benchmark. A new benchmark that will be as or more GPU limited than Timespy. We can not do this with older benchmarks as even in the 3D tests that score is heavily influenced by the CPU/memory architecture of the subplatform.
  3. missing CPUZ and GPUZ tabs, plz check the rules at https://hwbot.org/news/11440_application_138_rules/
  4. Update is usually btn 1 to 2 hours. Also it's useless to submit more than one time... If you click the wrong link it shows 0 points, correct link has the points
  5. Plz report here for benchmate issues:
  6. Folliwing some discussions on KeepH8n's Discord server it seems Cheapaz needs to make an urgent comeback. Till now we had some proposals on the Discord, but it's easier for me to follow up here Interesting/proposed hardware: CPU: AMD Athlon 3000G .... Stages I'll leave that to you
  7. FX athlons are expensive and rare to find these days. If we go only with one score I would have to up the amount of stages drastically
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