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  1. Leeghoofd

    Gpupi for cpu: How to set up?

    new openCL way more efficient than the older ones....???
  2. so you replace a 550 score with a 548 one... hats off to that
  3. ubmit using competition background ( https://imageshack.com/a/img921/6100/HxaVyZ.jpg
  4. plz check the competion rules before Challenger participation
  5. nooo nooo noooo not you again... who's next Marc Beier ?
  6. if it detects maximum freq like the others no problem
  7. Leeghoofd

    GPUPI 3.2 and 3.3.3 woes on X79 platform

    nope haven't touched those... thx will try
  8. Leeghoofd

    GPUPI 3.2 and 3.3.3 woes on X79 platform

    Understandable however I hope other users can chime in and tell the community what drivers they used to get it running (3.3.3) on older platforms or saving the datafile (3.2) properly
  9. Leeghoofd

    GPUPI 3.2 and 3.3.3 woes on X79 platform

    Its not only related to X79I fear, alos does this on Z97
  10. lo all, I seems to constantly fail to get either GPUPI 3.2 to save the result file or even getting one loop out of GPUPI 3.3.3 before it crashes I have tried Win7 SP1 (HPET on or off) , Win8.1 and even Windows 10. (also enabled all the services, no go) Tried 2 different biosses on the Rampage IV board, Tried 3 different CPUs, Tried OC or stock Issues with both the AMD SDK or Intel OpenCL 1.2 Tried all settings with the build in tool, no improvement For GPUPI 3.2 the 3.1.1 is almost as fast so that's my backup. However for 3.3 the Legacy version 3.3.2 is way slower sigh.... I have experienced this on some other platforms too, however they sometimes work, but it's more hit and miss.
  11. All submissions must include a picture of G.SKILL memory with heatsink and serial number; If the heatsink is removed, the picture must clearly show the PCB and IC
  12. if you want to participate in the Gskill competition, you have to use the competition background, picture of the used memories and also include the CPU-Z SPD tab