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  1. Does anyone know where to find (or better still, have) drivers for a Foxconn A75M02 motherboard? I'm looking for both Windows 7 x64 and Windows 10 x64 drivers.

    I have tried the website www.foxconnchannel.com, but that just shows a screenshot of what used to be there. I also searched Goggle, and it showed nothing useful. The best I could find was sites that want me to register, and sites that ZoneAlarm detects viruses on. The driver sites I know to be safe don't have anything for that board.

    I found Win7-x64 drivers some time ago for an A75MX, which looks from the manual to be the same, except it also has USB 3.0, which the A75M02 doesn't have. It has the same chipset, network chip and audio chip. Will I be able to use those drivers? I never found Win10 drivers, but am not sure whether they are built into Windows anyway.

    It took me a few days to find drivers for some of my boards, but this one escapes me.

  2. Oh well, maybe WinReducer is no good. I spent 16 hours modifying my build, Googling EVERY service to see what I need. Left it overnight to work, and come back to find it has frozen and I can't stop it! Going to try again with saved settings (phew, I remembered!), but have now downloaded the latest Win 10 version of nlite as well. which appears to support the latest build. Looks like it was out of support for a short time, then moved to a new website and is being actively worked on again. If it creates a build I am happy with for my daily Win 10 build, I will register it and make the best build I can to open all the features for the best 7 and 10 builds.

  3. For Windows 7, there are (or were?) several tools to create a customised install DVD. I personally have Windows OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) for Windows 7 and WinIntegrator.

    Are there any similar tool for Windows 10? I want to strip out all the drivers that I don't need, unnecessary services and features, etc (eg Cortana in the latest updates uses more than one core of my APU, despite being disabled! I managed to fix that, after copious research, but as I don't use any part of Cortana, it is one of many features I want removed prior to my next clean install).

  4. Please add Team Group Vulcan Gold 2400MHz DDR3

    There are 6 different Team Group DDR3 series on the site, but this is not yet listed.

    Review at KitGuru: https://www.kitguru.net/components/memory/luke-hill/team-group-vulcan-gold-2400mhz-8gb-memory-kit-review/all/1/

    I will have two 8GB kits in a couple of days, so would like to find them listed when I post some results in the next week or two :)


  5. Over the next few months, I hope to set up several benching systems. How do people get around using Windows 7 on a large number of PCs, with only 3 or 4 running at a time (if I'm going to run CPU benchmarks that take hours, I may as well run a few at the same time). Is it legal to only have 4 licenses if I am only using it on 4 PCs at any one time? Am I at risk of prosecution if I don't have separate licenses for each system in my collection? Would I have a problem if I only had one license? Is there any type of license that allows Windows 7 to be installed and activated on multiple systems? Finally, if I install without a code, and don't activate it, would that affect benchmarks scores (I don't know if an unlicensed Windows throttles the system)?

    Oh, and an afterthought. Do different versions of Windows 7 perform differently, with different services running? If so, which should I be looking at? I will, of course, use the x64 version on x64 systems.

  6. As per the title.

    I am setting up a few older benching systems, and want to maximise drive speed. On an X38 motherboard (specifically Maximus Extreme), is it possible to boot from a PCI-e SSD AIC? I don't want to waste my money if they only work on later boards, or worse still, boards that already have an M.2 slot. I can always stick a SATA SSD in, but if I can save a few seconds booting and running benches that access the disk (without paying silly money), then I want that :)

  7. I'll only be using the system for benchmarking (and possibly for testing any software I write, but benching is the reason for the builds). I don't know how necessary the updates are for that. I will always be connected to the internet, so it's more a precaution than anything.

  8. I will be installing Windows 7 on a few PCs over the next couple of weeks, for GPU benching. Is there a way to trick it into getting updates, or does anyone know of a resource to download essential updates beyond SP1?

  9. I spent several hours finding my fastest stable overclock for GPUPI 3.3.3, only to find when trying to upload my result that it needs exactly version 3.3


    https://www.overclockers.at/news/gpupi-international-support-thread only has 3.3.2 and 3.3.3. It doesn't have 3.3 any more. This site only accepts 3.3


    Can anyone provide me with a link to download the version that hwbot accepts, given that the provided link only has older and newer versions?



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