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  1. Hi guys, can you please change my nickname from "Razer" to "Pavo"? Thanks in advance!
  2. I could send it to US, but I think that the tax costs would be too big Maybe if you have someone in EU..
  3. EK-FC Titan X/980 Ti - Nickel version sold to Lima_PT. EK-FC RX-480 - Acetal version is still for sale.
  4. Hello guys, I've got a couple of EK Waterblocks up for sale. EK-FC RX-480 - Acetal version WB for Radeon RX-480, it was barely used (maybe a few days), as you can see there is still seel over the EK logo. It was never used with the combination of colored fluids or something exotic like that. It was in a loop with EK Predator 360. Comes with original screws, but the thermalpads have been used, sorry. Price: 30€ + shipping EK-FC Titan X Backplate - Nickel version Backplate is also in it's original sealed package, and never been used. Price: 5€ + shipping EK-FC Titan X/980 Ti - Nickel version As you can see, the block has never been used and it is still in original EK seal. It was intended for one rig I was building but gave up. Comes with the original screws and unused thermalpads. SOLD *Payment over Paypal. I'd prefer to sell it inside EU because of the lower shipping costs (I'm from Croatia btw). If you have any kind of questions, or need any info, additional pictures of the blocks, feel free to ask Cheers, Danny
  5. Pavo

    FS: Open Benchtable

    As P5ych0 said, this is a done deal, hence the thread can be closed. Thank you everyone for your interest. Cheers :celebration:
  6. Pavo

    FS: Open Benchtable

    No problem guys. New price - 100€ + shipping. Shipping inside EU about 20-25€. The shipping is a little bit higher because OBT weights about 2.5+ kilos. Taking offers. Cheers, Danny.
  7. Pavo

    FS: Open Benchtable

    Hi Mori, the shipping to Slovenia is about 20€ depending on the type of the package. Hi xMec, as I said over the PM, the shipping would be 25-30€. Hi gavbon, the shipping to UK would be about 25€, but I'm not sure if this includes the tracking (I got the info from the PO website). I can go to postal office to get more info. @ All - as Mori was the first to comment, we'll wait and see if he'll buy the table thank you all for interest!
  8. Pavo

    FS: Open Benchtable

    Hi Guys! I'm selling a new, not used, Open Benchtable. I bought two of them, but I won't be needing the second one, so I'm putting it up for sale. The benchtable is only opened, and not used. I have all of the original packing, just as you would order it from the store. I'm asking 100€ + shipping costs 110€ + shipping costs. I prefer the buyers within EU (because of shipping and additional tax costs for buyer when sending worldwide). *I hope that this sale is not agaist the rules. I support Community and Open Benchtable crew (they were really friendly when buying this product), but as I said, this is my second one, and I have nowhere to use it with. Regards :celebration:
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