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  1. My score was reported, but I didn't even overclock my P100, it was just to get a sub in a competiion, it's actually clocked at 1.5x66 per default and this is what CPU-Z shows. But if you like to remove the sub, it's fine, I don't bench anymore and it's not like this score is top anyway lol http://hwbot.org/submission/2983806_marquzz_cpu_frequency_pentium_100mhz_99_mhz
  2. I think it's already been mentioned that there's no limitations in this stage, so as many as you want. As the above poster says, is a full out stage.
  3. I don't know who you answered, but my post above is regarding SC3 stage 3
  4. Hm, does any of these even support DDR2? Edit: I guess Merom and Yonah does, but the rest?
  5. Yes, of course we all do this because it's fun. What's not fun is that maybe you've access to a particular hardware for a couple of days in the beginning of the competition and bench the hell out of it. Then, after you returned it, or it has died, the rules change and your submission is invalid all of a sudden. That could make even the happiest chump a little bitter...
  6. Anyone wonder why I pushed so hard in the beginning to make rules clear before competition. We can't have things like "everyone should know", "I wrote one somewhere" or "that time we did this". How hard can it be? As I said, every. single. time. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. Ok, great to get that clearified. But then I have a follow up question, is it allowed to use another memory type if possible, even though the "correct" one is available? Example: SC3 Stage 1, can we use DDR3 motherboards for this one? This is just one example, there are more stages where this is possible.
  8. Just one last clarification, is it mandatory to run the correct memory type under each SC? Or is it allowed to run a mobile Haswell with DDR3 under SC1 stage 3, since, I as far as I know, there are no mobile Haswell with DDR4 support?
  9. No panic from my side But since I've been in a few competitions and in practically every one there are discussions about HW limitations and rules even after start, so my thought is to make everyting clear from the start so nothing is up for interpretation.
  10. Please edit rules everywhere. Stuff can't be placed in some reply in some thread somewhere. I hope you can understand that putting Steamroller under DDR4-category is confusing? Is there another exception in any other SC, or is this the only one? Please make things like this clear, it will make your own work much easier.
  11. Yes, I can read, but it still doesn't make any sense? Mobile Skylake with DDR3? Does this even exists? But I guess Haswell it is then To bad Sandy and Ivy aren't allowed, that would make much more sense in the category. And another thing, under SC1 - Stage 4: Geekbench3 Multi Core - Steamroller. How are we suppose to run this? Can anyone show me a motherboard for Steamroller with DDR4 please.
  12. I'm sorry, but where do I find the official announcement? How can the description be correct, are there even any laptops with mobile Skylake and DDR3? And Stage 1 have Sandy and Ivy, it just seems logical that Stage 3 should have it also? I'm just feeling very confused, maybe this announcement will clearify thing, if I only could find it
  13. Under SC2 - Stage 3; Should it really be Mobile Haswell/Skylake? Seems like Sandy/Ivy/Haswell is more relevant?
  14. @websmile; Could you link 243,351 family from SC2 Stage 4?
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