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  1. https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/x556uq/ https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/chiefriver/
  2. https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/x541na/
  3. For me the line is when you change the way of the intended benchmark process / calculation. I remember PCMark05 was crazy, because all subtests were changed in a way that the calculations the CPU / GPU had to do were actually way fewer than intended by altering files making them basically free, processing wise, or using newer programs like Media Encoder or newer browser. Even good old LOD "tweak" and 3D Overrider was used. And actually we could discuss here if LOD and disabling Tess were ever a good idea because in this case, they absolutely change the way a calculation was intended. But the t
  4. Not to mention, benching with Benchmate under Win10 makes things a lot easier. You get all the tweaks and uploading results to the bot is one click as benchmate already fills everything for you.
  5. The reason for my proposal were bugs with Rage 128 cards, basically GPU-Z always identified wrong specs. Its showing wrong bus width, means 32 bit vs. 16 bit and sometimes detected DDR Ram. While all cards have sdram or sgram. Also clock speeds weren't detected. The difference can be seen here, although I would need to recheck with a new version of GPU-Z https://hwbot.org/submission/2974796_strunkenbold_3dmark2001_se_rage_128_vr_(64bit)_792_marks A VR cant have more than 64 bit or having DDR Ram. GPU-Z was simply completely bugged and ruined our rankings. Its hard to tell if
  6. Good you did not. I think you saved the bot, atleast for benching AMD. The separation was tricky. Difference between old and new was a bit too much. However, half part of benching GPU-PI is finding the right opencl dll. I actually now found a very old one where a difference between 3.2 and 3.3 is not there and seem to be quite efficient. Scores are here: https://hwbot.org/submission/4665246_strunkenbold_gpupi_for_cpu___1b_ryzen_9_3900x_1min_36sec_681ms https://hwbot.org/submission/4665253_strunkenbold_gpupi_v3.3_for_cpu___1b_ryzen_9_3900x_1min_36sec_569ms https://hwbot.org/subm
  7. https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/ga_eg41mf_s2h/
  8. Seems like you included a wrong screenshot. 3DMark result is also hidden.
  9. Locked for further requests. We have a support section for this.
  10. I tried dll from blockchain driver, which is very old, and Adrenaline 20.12 without modifications no luck so far.
  11. For sure, thats probably also the reason Alex did no changes yet. And it might sound like a good idea to condense different GPU cores with little or no impact on OC in general for the sake of simplification of the db but I hope that we could find a general solution for the future where hardware gets matched to same hardware in the db, spec-wise, despite different names. Then TPU db is wrong and needs fixing.
  12. Im facing a little strange problem with GPU PI 3.3.3: This doesnt complete even with stock settings. However version 3.2 has no problems. I also dont see whats wrong, since it states that "calculation finished successfully". As there are zero Vega 64 cards with 3.3 32B ranking but 15 competitors in the 1B ranking, something looks wrong here. My Vega 56 got flashed to a Vega 64, so the problem might be name handling. But otherwise no clue, I tried different opencl dlls but that made no difference. Next is trying with the stock bios to confirm my theory.
  13. Fantastic news if the guy could fix this!
  14. Yes thats the way it should be done. According TPU GPU-DB: 7800 GS (G70, 16 Shaders) 7800 GS (G70, 20 Shaders) 7800 GS (G70, 24 Shaders) 7800 GS (G71, 16 Shaders) 7800 GS (G71, 20 Shaders) 7800 GS (G71, 24 Shaders) outch! 😵
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