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  1. If you just going to leave free points...lol things a bit different these days.
  2. Somehow revived my gtx 465 that's been in box for years with no heatsink, guess it was the "witchhazel". know that it was for the lols let me know if something is wrong with the submission.
  3. This should be one for the masses lol! Either date is good to go hang out with some people I've known for years and never seen lol!
  4. Same phone...thanks to Pizzaman and xxbassplayerxx for always pushing me to be better. OCNlyfe.
  5. I get those all the time, don't worry GENiE keeps a close eye...don't you G ^^?
  6. Your scores are legit but 1.7v on a non-extreme cooling effort don't seem right brah;)
  7. Live and learn how you to get higher scores brah ! The PCMARK05 will put you over, but it's not a system vs...fresh install of software. Massman, remember when people where asking how-to-PcMark04? lol!:celebration:
  8. I'll try it out... gimme 20 mins. Nvm I submitted and deleted...it works fine
  9. Not getting nearly as many memory errors with my Sector 7 set. Did have to change timings from 9-11-9-27 XMP to 11-11-11-27 to pass memtest. Still trying to figure out what some of the settings do.
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