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  1. shar00750

    Asus gtx 980 strix with ek wb

    170€ , come with unlocked bios for extreme.
  2. Great score ! How many gallons of nitrogen would have needed for it ?
  3. shar00750

    Asus gtx 980 strix with ek wb

    Price drop to 180€
  4. Was nice , good CPU ! waiting to see him on ln2.
  5. shar00750

    Asus gtx 980 strix with ek wb

    Great card , bios flashed for extreme, come with original box without stock cooler. was on dice only 2 time . Didn't try ln2 but with dice it took 1st gpupi. http://hwbot.org/submission/3889915_shar00750_gpupi___1b_geforce_gtx_980_18sec_393ms price : 180€ + shipping
  6. Thanks you for your comments , will try again with ln2.