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  1. Does anyone get cb at -160 after 3 session of ln2 ? I've done 3 session full pot no problems but now can't go full pot , have cb at -160 . I tried raise pll term up to 1.8 no luck.
  2. X018e481 sp87 5.2 at 1.25v set on bios and the same with voltmeter. On ln2 - 6740mhz with 1.61v cbr15 Test with apex 12
  3. It's not stock bios , but not Extreme, it's bios that i took from ocn . Cb at -130 even with new bios.
  4. Simple way to install xp32 with usb is to use it with yumi software.
  5. Nice work 👍 but you took my gold ☹️ need to get 1070 again 😜
  6. Great cpu and gpu👌 No big difference for 06 , from what i checked 10/18 is the best for 06.
  7. I can confirm that barbonenet acronis image for z390 from antome work on that board to. I used ps2 , just needed to install usd xp drivers
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