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  1. well I guess it was to close under normal circumstances...lol. Bring on the LN2 ftw!
  2. I have a video with the gtx 550ti do you wanna see it? Sorry i used the wrong picture lol. My score with the GTX 465 is over 80k...but then I wouldn't have any fun posting it so early.
  3. great...now i gotta go back and resubmit all the ones you made me choose gd70 for lol
  4. good run...but that's the wrong benchmark. But you already knew that right?
  5. an you need to fix your score because 9k is impossible right now...
  6. Wow if i had known i could have used the bugged Bios I would have just started there...you don't even need software to do the 8x multiplier lol;) It's C-State flaw from not clearing the CMOS on the board after a BIOS flash. Like it was stated before it's not normal...but if you want to let that fly...by all means do what you do. I didn't submit it because I knew it wasn't right period, but now we see how you guys roll and how you stay ahead of everyone else...funny as hell:D!!! http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2135818
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