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  1. I recently bought two 780ti classified and tying to understand them a bit (ambient for now, will see i I can afford something exotic in te future) and basically I couldn't stabilize it above 1258 gpu clock which is +95 offset in precision, no way to stabilize it at +100 (both normal and ln2 bios) and I noticed that if i increase NVVDD in the classified controller it droops much more than it's doing whith stock NVVDD, starting from 1.18 i would get 1.17V on load but then when i raise it to 1.2v it droops to 1.16 and of course less stable, i really don't know the reason but i don't think the pro
  2. i'm trying to find the time but yes it's a bit too long, too bad.
  3. thanks i will check it out
  4. In the Steve vs Jay evga stream (20 nov 2020) kingpin mentioned an old nvidia utility called "smash clocks" which should let you see some internal clocks. I can't seem to find it anywhere does anyone know how to find it or if i simply got the name wrong? also is it useful?
  5. I've got 2 submissions which are signed as engineering sample, im trying to edit some info hoping that it will change but i get an internal server error every time. Can anyone help?
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