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  1. I'm looking for a potent AM4 board with an X570 chipset
  2. maddin-6616


    I was able to buy a very cheap GPU pot on Sunday. so that I now have to turn down the offer
  3. maddin-6616


    okay that fine. what will shipping cost? 31137 Hildsheim Germany can you show me pictures?
  4. maddin-6616


    I'm looking for a GPU pot. I have no idea which model it should be. Please offer everything. Thank you
  5. okay thanks, i thought it was just for intel cpus.
  6. I am looking for a tool that is compatible with my Gigabyte Aorus Ultra X570 which, like for example "asus turbov core", can adjust the settings for clock and so on under windows. Or does that not even exist? oh well, I'm just still eion Rockie
  7. Can I also use different hardware for the three rounds?
  8. Thanks for the help!!! I would also like to buy used pots. If someone has something to sell, he can offer it to me.
  9. Does anyone here have any idea where to get LN2 pot for cpus and gpus? The only thing I found is the kingpin shop. But there are only CPU pots there. I would like to try dry ice first, but without hardware it's just bad ...
  10. oh no... I had looked for the link but only got an error message ... now I have the picture ... okay then I have to reproduce all the results ... 😞
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