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  1. Since the powercolor is not the ultimate version I have decided to keep my nitro+ special edition, I'm a newbie in this OC world, haven't done one in my life yet, but I will let you know guys what the results are for my 6900xt. I only did a gpu userbenchmark and got 195% not a very good result for a nitro+ SE...I will work around a bit to see if I can get closer to the 200% mark which is closer to the highest score. I should start with an UV + OC right? Any YTube channels to start learning about it? Thanks again Angelo!
  2. Muchas gracias Chispy!! Well it seems that the Liquid Cooled PowerColor that is available its not the ultimate version...probably the first LC version so no xtxh chip....I thought that every LC version came with the xtxh chip but no...unlucky!
  3. Chispy, tomorrow I'm receiving a Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Special Edition, but I have the option to change it for a PowerColor Radeon RX 6900XT Liquid Cooled 16GB. I just recently discovered about the new XTXH chips...if money its not a problem...Should I return the Sapphire and get the PowerColor Liquid Cooled? Thanks for any help you can give me in advance!
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