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  1. Just playing around ( not optimized or serious benching , just testing ) for a very short time with CrossfireX 2x rx 6900xtxh on air stock cooler , one ( Red devil Ultimate ) and one ( ASRock OC formula ) on water , very high ambient temperatures over here summer time 🔥 , not much i can do about that but got me number 4 Global in the Hall Of Fame over at UL/Futuremark in Timespy ✔️
  2. Intel Core i9 10900k has been SOLD Bykski full cover water block for Red Devil has been *SOLD*
  3. Thank you bro. I have not tested anything else yet as it is wayyyy too hot in here to bench in ambient temps VGAs. Will have to test later on chiller all 3dmarks. Scaling in Timespy is insane with the new drivers for single and crossfire X 500+ points , now rx 6900xt is faster than rtx 3090 in timespy 😅
  4. Asus ROG Maximus Apex XII has been *SOLD* One Corsair XM2 nvme water block has been SOLD , only 2 left. Price drop on the brand new Red Devil full cover water block rx 6900xt, new price is $100 US Dollars + shipping. Price drop on the Corsair XM2 nvme water blocks , new price is $25 US Dollars + shipping. Price drop on 10900K , new price is $329US Dollars + shipping. Price drop on the 14 cores 28 threads 7940x , new price is $359 US Dollars + shipping. Price drop on the Ryzen 3300x , new price is $119 US Dollars + shipping. I'm also adding a brand new , never opened , never used , still sealed , intact RTX 2080 Ti full cover water block - Phantek Glacier Founders Edition PCB RTX 2080 / RTX 2080Ti ( it will fit many rtx 2080 and 2080Tis based on the reference FE pcb ) Price - $99 US Dollars + shipping.
  5. Thank you for sharing your findings @L!ME , awesome findings. Appreciate it !
  6. Finally an awesome performance driver 21.7.2 from amd driver dev team. Now the rx 6900xt gpus on air and water are beating rtx 3090s on LN2 in Timespy lol 🤣 , just amazing what good drivers can do , hugeee performance unlocked on amd cards ... Need to re-bench asap ... going to try crossfire X 2 6900xtxh ⚡ to see if i can beat my own rtx 3090 x2 sli on Timespy ...
  7. Amazing score , AMD 6900xt on water beating LN2 rtx 3090s gpus in timespy is awesome. Great job , well done !!!
  8. Up for sale is some great hardware that i'm not using anymore. All cpus and motherboard has been tested and working 100% , water blocks never been used as they are brand new. Paypal only as friend or buyer pays PP fees + buyer pays the shipping. No trolling , no low balls , no returns. 1. Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex - Mint condition , used only 3 times as it was a back up mobo , as in brand new state , everything that came on the box is included. small residue traces of vaseline might be on the board as i tested it on single stage once. Price = $249 US Dollars + shipping *SOLD 2. Intel Core i9 10900k - Used on my daily for a while , SP 82. Price = $349 US Dollars + shipping ( cpu only , no box ) *SOLD* 3. Intel Core i9 7940x 14 cores 28 threads - Used only 2 times to harvest hwboints , mint condition as brand new. Price = $379 US Dollars + shipping ( cpu only , no box ) 4. AMD Ryzen 3300x - Used a few times to harvest hwboints. Price = $129 US Dollars + shipping ( cpu only , no box ) 5. Byski Full cover water block for Powercolor Red Devil rx 6900xt - Brand new , never opened and seal is intact. Price = $109 US Dollars + shipping. *SOLD* 6. Corsair Hydro Series XM2 Nvme water blocks ( 3 available ) - Brand new , never opened. I was doing a project with them that never materialized , hence brand new. Price = $29 US Dollars each + shipping. *1 sold 2 left up for sale.* 1. Apex 12 2. Intel 10900k 3. Intel i9 7940x 4. AMD Ryzen 3300x 5. Red Devil 6900xt water block 6. Corsair Nvme ssds water blocks
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