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  1. wOOt , wOOt... Mike in da house again , great to see you back.
  2. soc 1.12v / ram 1.72v Thanks , the moded water chiller it's very strong that helps a bit. Thanks my friend , maybe in the future if i buy a truck to carry the dewars i might go ln2 again.
  3. I will post my share of the samples i have binned with me so far: 1. Ryzen 1700x - UA1707SUT = 4025Mhz at 1.35v custom h2o loop cbr15 very good cpu, great imc ddr4- 3533Mhz+ stable ( This is the best out of five 1700x cpus i binned last year when they first came out , unfortunately i did not wrote down the batch number of the other 4 cpus and were sold quickly a long time ago ). - http://hwbot.org/submission/3503880_chispy_gpupi_for_cpu___1b_ryzen_7_1700x_3min_4sec_532ms 2. Ryzen 2700x - UA18165US = 4350Mhz at 1.35v custom h2o loop cbr15 gem cpu , gem imc ddr4- 3650Mhz+ stable ( This is the best out of four random samples i bought all over the internet on different places , unfortunately i sold the two junk ❌ 2700x cpus ☠️ already and kept the best 2 ✔️. I kept this one and the other one is inside this PC my 24/7 daily driver and will post the batch number once i change the water block on it so that i can take a look and write it down. On waterchiller at -21 subsero 3D stable 4800Mhz+ , 2D stable 4758Mhz http://hwbot.org/submission/3935105_chispy_gpupi_for_cpu___1b_ryzen_7_2700x_2min_27sec_955ms 3. Ryzen 2700x - ( Update with batch number soon ) - = 4275Mhz at 1.35v custom loop cbr15 good cpu, great imc ddr4-3600Mhz+ stable. 4. Ryzen 2200G - AN1807SUT = 3925Mhz at 1.35v custom loop cbr15 good cpu, good imc ddr4 - 3466Mhz+ stable - Absolutely Crazy igpu 1750Mhz 1.36v stable Timespy - http://hwbot.org/submission/3882480_ ( Only one 2200G that i have , no need to bin anymore due to the crazy good igpu and good imc ) 5. Ryzen 2400G - AN1818SUS = 3875Mhz at 1.35v custom loop cbr15 bad cpu , bad imc ddr4-3333Mhz semi stable - igpu average 1600 at 1.38v ( Lemon/Potato cpu soon will be gone dumping it for sale on the cheap ) 5. Ryzen 2400G - AN1818SUS ( Same batch from the same placed i bought two of them at the same time ) = 3900Mhz at 1.35v custom loop cbr15 average cpu , good imc ddr4-3466+Mhz stable - igpu good 1650Mhz at 1.35v tmespy ( Overall good cpu. ) - http://hwbot.org/submission/3922030_ 6. Ryzen 2400G - Awaiting for a new fresh cpu to arrive will post batch later once it's here and i tested. Tested and try to bin 1700 cpus but the 3 samples i tried were Lemons/Potatoes cpus Weird , how come two cpus from the same batch differ so much on the cpu clock , imc and igpu ???
  4. I wish i could do it my old friend , but i do not have a truck anymore to carry the dewars , neither i have cpu LN2 pots to use. I''m semi retired of the OCing scene , this is just for fun runs on a mere 1HP moded water chiller at -21c. Maybe some day i will come back swinging really hard on Ln2 like back in the old days but i really doubt it. Just enjoying this little moments of fun with a nice cpu. Thanks for positive vibe my friend. Kind Regards: Angelo
  5. Thank you , binned chip out of 4 samples. Low volt high clocks , great imc on this one , all runs were made at only -21c on my water chiller :)
  6. Congratz ! Amazing score and good efficiency , keep pushing ...
  7. Monster cpus , AMD day today ... Great scores guys !
  8. chispy

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Thank you for the fast response Alby , great to hear from you my brother , good to see my old friends are still going strong in hwbot. Time to wake up team PURE members for this competition. Let's do this old school style !
  9. chispy

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Albrecht @Leeghoofd My old friend i got a couple of questions. Can i make 3 submissions for one category but only the highest score will count ? or im allowed only one submission per category ? Also i only have Ryzen 2200g and Ryzen 2400g APUs for integrated graphics using ddr4 firestrike category but they only work in windows 10 as no other windows version is supported for this APUs , can i submit using windows 10 on my Ryzen APUs ? Thank you , long time i have not been active but this competition seems too much fun , thank you Alby and Fred. Kind regards: Angelo
  10. Amazing score , i'm speechless. AMD back in the game :) , good job Elmor !
  11. Congratz Elmor , amazing score , well done !
  12. Please Mods close this thread as i have nothing left for sale. Thank you hwbot for the time and space. Kind regards: Chispy