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  1. Excellent job ! Nice score well tweaked. Gem cpu it's from another world :D , please do not run y-cruncher or x265 4k on it ... keep it alive :)
  2. Hola guys. I just want to report quite a few bugs that are creeping up on the submission page , just a heads up in case they can be fix. 1. I did quite a few submissions on Thursday and Friday but even thought the subs were done correctly and points were given to me for them in those 2 days Thursday and Friday , But on Saturday they all disappear ??? No where to be found on my profile or on looking thru the submissions ??? All the subs were gone and the points too and i was very worried because i finally was able to use ln2 for the first time in 1 and a half year and all those subs were m
  3. Weird bug you have amigo. Have you tried w10 and it works fine , the problem is only w7 ? maybe a w7 re-install or a different w7 iso might help.
  4. Free bump for my amigo Sharon , nice board !
  5. Are you using hdmi or dp ? Monitor resolution and refresh rate ? . If using hdmi and you have this problems try a different driver , if that does not work try dp. Verify that freesync is Off and change resolution to see if that helps.
  6. Sure , i will pull the system back together on simple air cooler cpu and run a 3d bench to see if we still have this problem , rigth now tis set up it's off the SS and store in boxes but i will do it for you my friend. Will post the outcome here later Alby 👍 , thank you. Kind Regards: Angelo
  7. It says valid score but processor is not recognize at UL / FM ??? It looks to me like another bug with fm and pcm10 , not recognizing very old hardware with newest system info and latest updated pcm10, i used the latest systeminfo from FM/UL website, i did latest update to pcm10 and whql drivers from amd. Dang it it took me 3 days benching non stop to get this score as it is a huge pita running an 18 minutes long bench on a dinosaur , ancient Sempron 150 single core to watch it crash at the latest part of the bench , not fun and i'm not touching it again or re-bench , so fucking slow , Nothi
  8. I have no idea why it is showing for me but not for you ??? Try again. Also Ale Belo score has hidden link on his sub , look here - https://hwbot.org/submission/4668828_ale_belo_pcmark10_express_sempron_150_4257_marks/ , so it might be a problem of FM / UL if myself and Ale Belo scores do not show up on FM/UL links , no idea what's going on at FM/UL validation sadly , they are having weird bugs with pcm10 verification links lately. @Leeghoofd can you please check what's wrong with this 2 subs ? Mine and Ale Belo ? Thank you.
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