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  1. I will be keeping the hardware that did not sale , cpu 7350k , motherboard Asus maximus hero VIII and the video cards gtx 970 , rx 590 , 2x HD 5770s. Thank you hwbot for the time and space. Please mods close this thread. Thanks.
  2. Items # 5 and 6 are ***SOLD*** - 5.AMD AM4 Ryzen 9 3900x *sold* and 6.AMD AM4 Athlon 3000G APU *sold*
  3. Item # 10 has been ***SOLD*** = 2x16Gb G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB Kit - DDR4-3000Mhz 16-18-18-38 *sold*
  4. Unfortunately no , there are a lot of files that need to be moded for xp 64bit to work on z490. I talked to BigBlock ( Brady ) and some other people and until we get ascpi.sys , ahci and some other moded files for xp64bit it won't work , let's hope someone in the winraid forums can help with this. For me xp 32bit is working for all 3d except for 3dmark01 as it hangs on the splashcreen and goes into weird colors and get stuck there to infinity
  5. Item # 7 has been ***SOLD*** = 2x8Gb Team T-FORCE DARK Z 16GB kit - DDR4-3200Mhz *sold*
  6. Items 3 , 9 and 11 have been ***SOLD** = , 8700K Delided *sold* , Team T-Force Vulcan 16GB Kit - DDR4-3000Mhz *sold* and Asrock Taichi Z390 *sold*
  7. Guys anyone else having problems running SLI on legacy cards ? I have been trying to get SLI x2 on GTX 580s for 3 days same video cards , same bios. Used to work on z-390 and x299 but now on Z-490 i cannot get SLI working on gtx 580s . Any idea , help will be greatly appreciate it. Things i have tried fresh windows 10 latest 2004 install and updated , fresh windows 8.1 install and updated and same for windows 7 and windows xp , every OS is updated and nothing , also tried 8 different sli bridgws 2 brand new ones never used , no SLI option on nvidia control panel. Tried latest drivers 391.35 and older 390xx - 388xx and no go , no SLI is working on Apex xii z-490 on this legacy gtx 580 video cards. Installed latest mobo bios 0607 , also tried 0055 and still cannot activate sli , i stop
  8. Absolutely mad score , well done Sharon congratz on the gold cup 1st place !
  9. Items Number 1 and 2 have been SOLD , 10900k and 10700k have been sold.
  10. Well done , very nice score on that 6c Tuban chip + great efficiency bro !
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