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  1. Hola my old friend , yes indeed i use one of the Gene profiles but tweaked myself all the secondaries and thirtiaries timings manually one by one then BCLK from there. This is binned ram from a few sets the best two sticks also this new 9900k i binned from seven samples the best ,scales nicely with voltage and cold with great IMC on my chiller at -21c only, hopefully will test on LN2 this month.
  2. chispy

    is hwbot.org down?

    I just learned that the new rev.8 of hwbot is been implemented and i did not know that , now i know why hwbot was down...
  3. chispy

    is hwbot.org down?

    Welp , been down for 2 days for me ...
  4. Where do you get the latest drivers by fernando ? Thanks
  5. I do not think there is any as i have look everywhere too and i am not able to find any and my attempts to install my superpi xp iso on MXI Gene has been futile.
  6. PM sent for the Tek9 Fat.
  7. Great to see you benching again Stefan :) , i will join you after new years. keep up the good work , awesome score my friend.
  8. Really good idea to have the OS used shown. Also it would be good to talk about the heavy used of snipping tool that cut half of the submission window i have seen it recently whereby even the cpu-z tab was cut in half on an old Pro-overclocker submission and it was posted as if nothing. Please re evaluate this bad behaviour of cutting too much of the screenshot using snipping tools or remove that option completely and demand a full screenshot , thanks. @richba5tard , @Leeghoofd , @websmile , Any input of you guys on this great thread would be appreciate it. Something can be done about this i believe.