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  1. This is as good as it going to get on ambient temps ...
  2. Pre-testing before going cold
  3. Thanks , for some reason this cpu runs cool as a cucumber on my normal water cooling set up ( Big Fat High Fin count 360 rad , 3x 120mm xspc screamers 2000rpm , XSPC RayStorm Pro cpu block , D5 Vario at full speed and 3/8 x 5/8 tubing , normal distilled water ) at 1.45v @ 5110Mhz~5125Mhz Vantage load cpu test 79c~87c , a/c controlled ambient temperatures ~21c. The IHS is completely flat from factory as i have checked and it seems the STIM application was done properly on this cpu. Memory is great thanks to the awesome ASRock x299 OC Formula memory overclocking overhead , amazing motherboard , Nickshih and Allen have this motherboard tweaked nicely screaming performance on their Bios 1.60.
  4. chispy

    Cinebench R20

    Please add it so we can start building a database and have a good idea of the scoring. As far as my testing it seems memory scaling is negligible , it does scale with core clocks and uncore / mesh clocks so far , on my limited testing. Kind Regards: Chispy
  5. Nicely done , congratz on the 8Ghz milestone.
  6. Amazing ! Nicely done Frank , congratz on the WR , this is an Alien chip :D out of this world ...
  7. Nicely done Mike , great to see over 3k at this clocks , excellent efficiency bro.
  8. Hahaha... do not worry my friend you can always get them back. Cheers Matt. I used the wrong OS this time to let you keep the Gold one for now