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  1. Awesome score my amigo. 03 is flying on RKL. Nice work , well done !
  2. I have been playing and testing different things on this bench , sometimes you get a one off with a high score and i think is the cache on the nvme drive or windows well been windows. I really like this bench as finally we have a pure storage bench that it was needed here. @Matsglobetrotter you found a new tweak 😂 , thanks for the heads up , now we know where to look for a bugged run with a high score.
  3. Thank you guys. Quick run just testing new ultimate card. @AKM i already did , look at gpu-z 🤣 . @shar00750 I Need to properly run this one on ln2 as it is way too hot for SS or water Chiller 🔥🔥🔥
  4. @buildzoid posted an awesome guide and help on how to make custom power tables for rx 6900xt on his latest youtube video. Go watch it as it is very helpful and informative and is a new way of helping this rx 6xxx gpus really fly. Thank you @buildzoid .
  5. new WR at 3321Mhz core clock , almost 38k 😁, keep them coming @FireKillerGR , @phil @OGS well done ...
  6. Awseome , well done ! I wonder what else is in that usb pen drive :) , 40k Back Up score ? ... :D
  7. And ... we got a couple of new World Records today with Powercolor Red Devil Ultimate 6900xtx-h clock speed at 3306Mhz ~ 3274Mhz ( highest core clock in the world for a gpu benchmark stable ) and highest ever 3dmark Firestrike Extreme score. It was done by none the less the good guys OGS from Greece , congratulations on such a huge achievement. Absouletely Massive score 👍 https://hwbot.org/submission/4745694_ogs_3dmark___fire_strike_extreme_radeon_rx_6900_xt_35869_marks
  8. Talking with some of my sources in the industry it seems this new xtx-h chips is a refesh of the 6900xt to combat the inminent release of the rtx 3080Ti and to place it against rtx 3090 perfromance wise. This will be the highest end amd gpu offer until next amd generation is release in ~ Q4 2022. Another new release 6900xtx-h based gpu was released today. Welcome the New ROG Strix LC Radeon RX 6900 XT TOP T16G , based on the new xtx-h chip by amd , with an insane 2525Mhz boost clock. source - https://www.techpowerup.com/282107/asus-unveils-rog-strix-lc-radeon-rx-6900-xt-top
  9. Thanks for the tips. Would it be possible for you to write about the flashing procedure ? Did you use windows or Linux , command line or flashed within windows , wish version of amd vb flash work for you ? . Appreciate it your input.
  10. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to your results and findings 👍
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