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  1. Where you from ? I might let go of one of my Tek 9 fat pots.
  2. Nicely done Buildzoid :) . Same here on my Asus card :/ , the more volts for v.core and v.mem i add to it the clocks gets lower and lower and score goes down and worst with it even with low ambient temps of 21c under load only 38c on stock cooling ( maybe only subsero temps will help ), i did my own v.core and v.mem volt mod long time ago on this old card of mine , i think it's this kind of Elpida memory on them HD7770 Bullzoid and to make matters more difficult my card has 2GB of memory.
  3. Very nice Alby , well done , awesome score :) . Nice chip you got there my friend low volts is the way to go on this bench. Keep pushing ... ( as Oliver used to say :D )
  4. Awesome score Roberto , Dat Ram and cpu combo + amazing skills , congratz on WR ! 3min ... getting close
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