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  1. Awesome score my friend , well done yes sir and keep pushing as Oliver used to say :) . msi is mostly tight lip to share msi ab extreme editions as they claim the software do not exist lol , have you look in here https://community.hwbot.org/topic/137720-benchmark-tweak-software/ , there is most of the extreme releases of msi ab .
  2. Muchas Gracias Roman , thanks a lot ! 👍
  3. Would love to see you on LN2 again my good friend , that would be awesome. Sadly for me i do not have easy access to Ln2 beacuse it is way too expensive here $285 US dollars for 35L , i can only compete with you guys on chillers and single stage cooling. I'm trying to stay sane with overclocking to pass the time as we are in 24/7 lockdown in the house here in Puerto Rico due to coronavirus. I will do my best with what i have to catch you guys , at least we are having fun among old friends ( brothers ). Go Nazar 👍
  4. Well done my old friend Nazar ! Awesome score bro. You going to make me re-bench all my video cards :D , from gtx 770 to RTX 2080Ti and everything in bewteen :D , i like this friendly competition among friends. it's on ... I'm coming for your scores :X
  5. Thank you guys , my LN2 adventures are over , i dont have anymore LN2 . Will revisit maybe in 6 months from now.
  6. @ Stefan ( funsoul ) , i was looking forward to meet with you guys this year but i think the coronavirus is going to make that impossible , we are in lockdown 24/7 here and no travel allowed until further notice.
  7. Thank you for the offer , i already have a new SS coming and my old one will be serviced/repair soon. Kind Regards: Angelo
  8. Dude you know this score is bugged right ? Look at the 3 -5 scores below you on Liquid Nitrogen and Cascades with much , much higher clocks and better higher memory scoring half of yours , yours was done on ambient , on a mere small air cooler, you know better than to post a bug score like this. Please do not do this and play fare.
  9. Thank you my bro Nazar. I used an nvidia reference 2080Ti Founders Edition but i did the whole shunt mod for power limits and bios flashed the Galax 380w bios posted at ocn - https://www.overclock.net/forum/69-nvidia/1706276-official-nvidia-rtx-2080-ti-owner-s-club.html + https://www.overclock.net/forum/69-nvidia/1714864-2080-ti-working-shunt-mod.html . Tip for maintaining the high clocks , keep the card as cold as possible. I sandwich the full cover water block in between 2 sheets of thick armaflex insulation to keep the card as cold as possible on my chiller , i have a very strong water chiller kept the card at max 7c on full load at 1.093v. Thats it. Try that my friend and most of all have fun
  10. Thank you MaddMutt. I would like to give the x299 Dark and 9980xe another try , but it goes thru ln2 like a child goes thru a bag of candy , wayyy ... to fast. 70Liters of LN2 were used to get those globals 3 and 4 way CrossfireX , it eats up 3~5 liters of ln2 per Vantage run 😬 . Sadly that was the last time that set up will see ln2 , chiller again from now on.
  11. Please close or move this thread as i found what i was looking for already. Thank you hwbot for the space. Kind Regards: Chispy
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