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  1. Hardware is no longer for sale. Please mods close this thread. thank you hwbot for the time and space.
  2. Stefan , glad to see you back. I have sent you a PM back my friend.
  3. Hardware left on this FS thread. ( Everything else has been sold already ) CPUs: One Ryzen 5 2400G APU ( Heatsink/Fan Included ) - $119US Dollars.One Celeron G4900 ( Coffee Lake , Heatsink / Fan included ) - $39US Dollars. Motherboards: One Asus Prime Z370 Intel - $ 79US Dollars.One ASRock B350 Pro amd - $49US Dollars. Memory: Patriot DDR4 2x4GB 3000Mhz - $59US Dollars - ( Micron ).
  4. Hi there Junior. Shipping depends entirely on the items he would buy as i ship thru USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. Asus Strix B350 amd - " Pending Payment " Asus Strix B350 - SOLD
  5. Ryzen 7 2700x - SOLD Asus Strix x370 AM4 - SOLD G.Skill 2x8GB DDR4-3200Mhz GVK ( sammy's B-die ) - SOLD
  6. Up for sale is some of my un-used hardware sitting on my closet doing nothing. Everything has been rigorously tested and fully working 100%.This sale it's for US only. I only accept paypal as payment and you will pay all the paypal fees. You will pay for the shipping. Only serious buyers , no low balls. First come first serve basis. All the hardware has been tested and guaranteed to be working 100% , hardware is in like brand new condition as i do take really good care of it.HeatWare - All Positive + = https://www.heatware.com/u/86369/toCPUs ----------One Ryzen 7 2700x ( No Heatsink Fan , only cpu ) - $229US Dollars One Core i5 9600K ( New Coffee Lake-S , i only used this cpu for 5 days while waiting for my 9900K ) - $239US DollarsOne Ryzen 5 2400G APU ( Heatsink/Fan Included ) - $119US DollarsOne Celeron G4900 ( Coffee Lake , Heatsink / Fan included ) - $39US DollarsMotherboards------------------------One Asus Prime Z370 Intel - $ 79US DollarsOne Asus Strix x370 amd - $79US DollarsOne Asus Strix B350 amd - $69US DollarsOne ASRock B350 Pro amd - $49US DollarsMemory--------------Patriot DDR4 2x4GB 3000Mhz - $59US Dollars - ( Micron )G.Skill 2x8GB ddr4-3200Mhz Cas15 = $119US Dollars - ( Samsung B- die )Video Cards-------------------Sapphire RX570 4GB Nitro+ = $99US Dollars
  7. You will get it bro , wait until the weather is much colder in winter as this video cards they really need to be cold for clocks 1600+ core , that was my max clocks on water chiller at -21c.
  8. Thank you , indeed there seems to be a bug on the system at hwbot not updating subs. I did recalc and now i got the points for this sub and 1st place. Appreciate it
  9. That's what this is all about Matt , having fun . Right now i'm waiting on the arrival of a big LN2 Dewar coming my way already shipped , hopefully very soon ...
  10. Nicely done my friend Matt , congratz on that gold cup 1st place :) , keep up the good work bro.
  11. Congratz on your awesome score ! OMG 7.3Ghz is the norm for 2D now , crazy chips
  12. I would like to do that but i'm certain it won't work because you will need the exact same pcie to usb expansion card , hence everyone needs to install the correct drivers for their usb expansion card. And my OS already have my legit W7 key installed on it on my Acronis back up image that i made for future re-installations. This is the cheap pci-e to usb expansion card that i'm using on my windows 7 install -
  13. Here it's a guide to help you guys out installing windows 7 x64bit on Asus Maximus XI Z390 Series motherboards ( Might work on other mobos as well with a PS2 port or Asmedia usb ports ). I manage to get windows 7 x64bit correctly installed and fully working on my Asus Maximus XI Hero Z390 , it's a painful slow process but it works 100% for me. You will need a pci-e to usb expansion card with at least 2 usb ports , a native PS2 mouse and a native PS2 keyboard. You will need to use some software to do this = ASUS EZ Installer ( download from the Asus Strix Z370 support page ) - https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z370-F-GAMING/HelpDesk_Download/ , Gigabyte Windows USB Installation Tool ( download from the Gigabyte Aorus Ultra gaming Z370 support page ) - https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z370-AORUS-ULTRA-GAMING-20-OP-rev-10#support-dl-utility follow the instructions on this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APcboOpP4TY and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=385&v=8VTC4k6SLWY. A windows 7 x64bit usb installation flash drive , Rufus = https://rufus.ie/en_IE.html. ** Follow the videos and also you need to inject those asus drivers , eg. you need to use both utilities Gigabyte and Asus to inject all the drivers to be able to install windows 7. After you finally install windows 7 , install the drivers for your pci-e to usb expansion card with your PS2 mouse after you drop them inside your windows 7 installation from other OS drive and that's it a fully working windows 7 x64bit , now you can use those 2 usb ports to use your usb keyboard and usb mouse * Go rip some benchmarks on windows 7 for hwbot Important note * The usb ports of the Z390 motherboards do not have windows 7 support eg. No drivers exist for windows 7 , only windows 10 as this is a brand new chipset with all the usb included on that new intel Z390 chipset , blame microsoft and Intel for this end of support of windows 7.