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  1. Nice score amigo Sharon, ASRock Aqua looking strong , congrats on the WR for CG , welcome to Team Yellow !
  2. Hola old friend. No pictures taken this time , sorry. Only ran special ln2 bios flashed and msi ab extreme , no need for hardware mods as msi ab extreme gives you all the voltages you need.
  3. Nice score amigo akm , 2080Ti is flying with alder lake propperly clocked , congrats on the gold cup ! Team Yellow FTW ...
  4. Thank you amigo Sharon. I'm using very low llc 3 , so in fact it will drop v.core to 1.5x something volts under load. My chip does not like low voltages also. I'm still learning the cpu and mobo. Trial and error testing different things as i want to run 5.9Ghz cpu on this SS of mine.
  5. Awesome score amigo salty ,gtx 690 scores very good in 06. Congrats on gold cup !
  6. Very nice , awesome score and well done amigo ! Nice battle you 2 are having 😁 go go go ...
  7. **SOLD** , Please mods close this thread as the item has been sold already. Thank you hwbot for the time and space.
  8. Up for sale is one AMD ASRock OC Formula RX 6900xtxh in combo with the full cover water block . This uses the latest and newest xtxh chip. Working perfectly and tested 100% . Low usage , used for benchmarks and some testing and that's it , never game on it nor ran daily nor mine on it , almost brand new. Might have tiny residue from vaseline since it was tested on my water chiller at subsero temps , also it had my evc2 conected to it , some tiny solder residue on the tiny spots i solder the wires so you know. Just finish testing the card on stock air cooler it works perfect , bare in mind i did not fully install all the screws on the stock air cooler there are inside a zip lock bag inside the box , so you need to screw them all , will include a small thermal paste tube with this. Bykski FC water block works wonders on this video card on a good water cooling set up , low temps and runs great on it. Lowest price for this kind of Top high end gpu, Looking for trades also for high end gpus + money ( 2080Ti i want 2 of them or 3 or 4 1080Tis + money , send me a PM if interested on trading or buying. Paypal only as friend or buyer pays PP fees + buyer pays the shipping , bare in mind this is a huge box + also the FC h20 block so shipping will be high. No trolling , no low balls , no returns. Heatware Feedback 100% Positive , long time member - https://www.heatware.com/u/86369/to Price: $1450 US Dollars + shipping
  9. hahaha... Great going Allen ! Are you and Sharon done yet :D ? Or the usb drive is full XD , congrats amigo !
  10. Awesome score my friend Oviz congrats on 1st place , great going bro. All our 3 scores are very close , well done guys !
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