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  1. Normal run... Gpu fails.., and it looks like this.. Just thought I show it...
  2. very fine lil tool.., works just perfekt! appreciate sharing.., will mention ofcourse in subs! :-)
  3. Ofcourse the manhours put in to this by botcrew is awesome.., to follow every entry and check its validity is impossible.., I think everybody understands this if given some time to think about it... At the same time fustration over deleted result or no answers in same issue.., also understandable...(had one result deleted myself other day.., my own fault acctually.., not observant enough.., bugged score.., damn.. :-) This situation is very hard to fully grip... If every submission was made according to stated rules.., well.., no problem would occur... Only ones who can make this a lil easier is us.., benchers.., so please let us try to help insted of makin it harder..,yes..?
  4. actually I havent even looked.., seems lil strange I will admit.., didnt look strange when it was running.., compared just points with other results and didnt reflect anything abnormal... well.., guess it wont come back after all... .., take this insted... http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=5963508
  5. .., just curious why my sub just dissapered... http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=5972298 well.., I guess it will come back... :-)
  6. Of the looks of it You are doin just fine.., Q66@thoose speeds is more than good.., keep it up and go sub zero next.. :-).., watch out for PLL.., its a lil devil.. :-) GL HF
  7. .., cant stay away... there´s a lot of work put in to finding the 2k3 problem.., an old benchmark.., outdated long time ago... We have a brand new benchmark we dont do, no boints.., reasons unknown I would say.., even if SF3D manage to get reduction for HWbot users it wont change the outcome.., for me this reulted in I only bench xtreme preset now... I paid 20 bucks for Vantage..,(I paid for all my benchmarks 01, 03, 05, 06, and Vantage..,) I want my own licences thats all. Put a lot of effort into Vantage when it came out.., then came all the bs with PhysX.., I must laugh.., here is a whole bunch of reasons for stopp doin this.., not to mention all the other "shared hw, mipmap, LOD, hp" reasons... But.., in my heart I´m a bencher.., so I cant stay away.., even if that would be the most sane thing to do...
  8. Why cant we see it like this.., we all need heroes.., we all need to marvel at fantastic results both in 2K1 and in Vantage.., exluding boints cuz of dollars in a rig??? We need that too.., looking at the pics of 3 280´s/4870X2 CF completely iced ! :-) .., aswell as we look at a rig that trashed 2k1 air or LN, doesnt matter... (Nacthymnens pics of his iced pot is my favourites..:-) KP had a sweet 2k1 thread goin on XS.., cap on cpu 4.6ghz.., cap on nature 1470 or sum like that.., goal was 100k.., all air..,not so easy... I´m equally impressed over those who managed that on air as I am over WR in Vantage with tons of LN and a forrest of gpu´s... We need both scenarios.., so why not award boints for job well done.., what ever benchmark...
  9. .., outcome is already clear.., wont change to let it open for longer time .., "no" side is clear winner if I´m not misstaken...
  10. Germany??? .., Monstru my dear.., lets stop this now.., let me take pride in what I do.., even if i´m just fixing old computers to get me round the corner..., must laugh :-))) Obviously "workout" didnt help.. :-)))) I hope we meet some day and can laugh bout this..! This will be my last post here... Take care all benching dudes and dudettes!
  11. Monstru doesnt like me.. :-( :-))))))) .., here it is.. I paid like 1000 euro for my cascade.., I did it with money I earned fixing broken computers.., (a lot of them...) LN cost bout 30l/100euro.., that would bring me 300L LN and okay.., I can do a lot of benching with 300L.., but when last drop is gone.., what do I have then.., Nada... Taking pride in my effort (only cascadebench).., well.., If You have a prob with that.., more the pitty... I would suggest a suitable "workout" for you to loosen up a bit.., but I guess I could get hammered for that.. :-)))
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