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  1. Hi, up for sale are two very good DDR4-Ram kits. Binning is over for a while as well as hardware tresting, so these can go. I can provide more screens but only posted one per kit to avoid overloading the thread 1. 2x16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 C15-15-15-35 1.35v Samsung B-die, two single sticks (S, single stick warranty) that were combined to be the best 2x16gb kit I had so far. I did not push much volts into these, results varied from not minimized 3600 C15 1,35v to 3866 C16 1,35v up to 4133 C18 1,35v on apex X, I checked a bot more on Apex XI now to see board capability and memory quality. Results were DDR4-4200 C14 1,65-1,67v tight all benchmarks incl. Spi, GB3 and CBs, 4200 c16 Tight 1,45-1,47v and 4200 C19 1,35v (not minimized). There is a lot more in this kit and for a gaming system these should be awesome, and for bench use they are also useful due to dual rank. 2. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z red DDR4-4133 C19-19-19-39 1,35v Samsung B-die, genuine dual kit, tested on apex x for 4200 12-12 gb3, xtu and cb at 2,08v, maxed out 4260 12-12 2,14v for me (also GB3 stable). I did a very fast check on apex XI, 4266 C12-12 tight bot and cb15 no problem but fails gb3 at 2,14v, not more tested. In box with sticker 3. 2x8GB Kingston Predator DDR4-4133 C19-23-23-45 1.35v Brand new, B-die, only purchased to crosscheck my new platform. The kit did better than expected, on apex XI easy 4133 12-11 GB3 etc (limit at 4240) at around 2.05v, 4266 12-11 only worked for Cinebenches though for me (voltages not minimized bc I did a scaling test at same time), all 2T because of A2 platform limitations. For bug-lovers, they also do 4800 14-13 gb3 at a fast test and I was able to make fast direct boot at around 4870 14-14 but failed gb, I did try only once and have impression this might work with decent imc and 1,8 salike some guys love to use :3 Prices 1. 330 Euros+shipping 2. 265 Euros+shipping 3. 275 Euros+shipping Payment with paypal (buyer covers fees or gift) or bank transfer in germany. I have no option to ship cheap outside of EU anymore obviously bc deutsche Post seems to have skipped option to insure goods sent abroad so I decided to sell inside eu only, I do not pay 50 euros for package to usa or china (or more) and I do not want to take risk of sending without insurenace or tracking. In case you are willing to take this chance or pay that much, feel free to drop a pm...
  2. websmile

    (FS-EU)64GB of B-die (G.Skill/Kingston)

    Up, I will create an "oldschool" thread tomorrow on top with ddr3 hardware like impact VI, cpus, mems etc if it doesn´t sell on black market before
  3. websmile

    (FS-EU)64GB of B-die (G.Skill/Kingston)

    4266 12-11 cb 11.5 screen added for the Kingston, they do at least 4133 c12 Spi32m on apex xi
  4. websmile

    {FS} DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z 3733 C17 4 x 8 Gb

    Please make a real pic of the memory with your Nickname and date
  5. websmile

    (FS-EU)64GB of B-die (G.Skill/Kingston)

    Kingston predator added
  6. It´s on Gigabyte, what do you expect? 5.2g? 😂 😛
  7. websmile

    Great 9900K ...only europe

  8. websmile

    Great 9900K ...only europe

    Is this cpu sold or not?
  9. The mem sream copy value explodes - but only at multicore, it is more or less same at single core at 4133c12 vs 4800c14. This is what makes me a bit nervous, but tbh for me it is a solely academical problem because gb3 is still vlauable tool for me to test memory stability for benching, results do not matter on this P.S. Nearly forgot, @Doc.Brown many thanks for the spi32m test, very interesting
  10. Doesnt it make you suspicious you have 2050 and 9k, and when you go to 2110 you have maybe 9500 at best at same timings, which is around 500 more, and that when you go from 2390 to 2450 you suddenly have around 10400? which is above 1k more even though you gained alot less frequency percentual and same in real frequency?? Not my business anymore after I quit benching but I think this is quite obvious to see together with other funny things, especially when you know benchmarks usually have baselines and it is percetage above baseline gain that makes the results.
  11. websmile

    (FS-EU)64GB of B-die (G.Skill/Kingston)

    Thanks, I cut prices because I want at least one kit gone
  12. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday, Omega-man
  13. A year has a 12 months - so you plan a season to be from januar-december and 31.12 is final ranking for the year icluding a season champion and restart at zero at 1st of january? I wasn´t precise enough but that´s what I meant as one alternative, second would be like ATP ranking for example which replaces old points with new ones you gain 12 months later and has no fixed "restart" for all.
  14. Some do, some don´t - I just see that the poll here says 10,20 or 30 - so if 10 is voted, you bench three days with your sample and retire for the rest of the year? hmm...
  15. a twelve months span, but I am not sure how it is handled, like on comp points now or for a year so you lose points for march 2018 and they are replaced by points for 2019 march (or not if you don´t have nay)
  16. Hmm, Apex XI is available in europe, you can order and get the board in two days in germany - and I tested it and it is quite impressive
  17. websmile

    [FS] 8600k 5.3 1.3V, 9700k 5.3 1.4V, 9900k 5.2 1.34V

    Thanks for the 8086k, it does as advertised and better