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  1. This kit is 4x4GB Samsung D-based, this is not psc, these are samsung rated for 1,5v. Google the partnumber. These are definitely no psc if the partnumber is correct
  2. Best bin in this trio is the 2133C9, 2000c9 were mostly hynix and the samsung were rubbish as well. The 2400c10 are platinums, best deal but not sure best oc on the list.
  3. The chances tht these are really good are not high, but at 50 Dollars this is a no brainer, you will not lose money if you have to resell these
  4. 4.13 is always Samsung D, might be worth trying at this price
  5. I blocked the score because of insufficient verification (please read the rules) and on top, you submitted a 8700k 6 core by Intel at a 4 core amd competition part. I deleted a comment without further consequences, but the person who submitted this will get in trouble if he does not keep it more polite and thinks insulting people is the new style here
  6. Lol, I had a lot of these and apart from the ones I sold with mastercards I threw away a couple of these. I hope you find them nontheless, should still be floating around P.S. The one that fit 1800 and 1900 also fit 1950, so it is no need to have a special 1950xtx version
  7. Thanks for the space hwbot, and to the buyers, enjoy your mems and thanks for the deals - closed
  8. Bump for the last kit, the Corsair, all other items are sold and shipped
  9. Yes, I replied to your PM Edit #4 sold and paid
  10. #1 sold, payment received and ready for pick up Edit #3 sold, payment receoved
  11. Hi these are still available
  12. Hi, up for sale are 4 memory kits 1. 2x8GB G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3200C15 Manufacured July 2018, A1/A0, confirmed B-die which nowdays is not sure anymore when we already saw 3733 and 4000 kits using other ics. This kit was only tested for 4133 c12 GB3 at 2.08v, it can run 4266 12-12 cb11.5 at 2,18v, no more tests done because it was used for a daily runner. With original packaging 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX Red DDR4-3733C17-19-19-39 1,35v This kit is from april 2018, confirmed B-die, A1/A0. I used it a while on Impact 8 for a surf system and now did a fast tests for oc which worked with 4133c12 GB3 and other benchmarks,. As said this bin does not guarantee Samsung B anymore, so if you search for these ICs, like #1 this is a good option to get quality mems at a decent price. In box with fan. 3. 2x8GB Kingston Predator RGB DDR4-4000 C19-21-21-41 B-die and A2 Layout, Checked for 4133 C12 gb 2,04v mimimum, 4800C14-14 GB3 2,05v (not minimized or more tested) but these scale up to 2,13v at least which means I also was able to boot them at 4266 c12 and get into win. In original packaging 2x8GB G.Skill Flare DDR4-3200 C14-14-14-34 1,35v This kit is from May 2018, confirmed B-die, A1/A0. Originally intended for AMD, I only tested these on Z390, 4133c12 GB3 worked easily, I even was able to boot them at 4266 12-12 and run cinebench With original packaging Prices (plus shipping) 1. 110 Euros sold 2. 135 Euros 3. 165 Euros sold 4. 140 Euros sold Shipping from germany, in eu will be around 15 euros with insurance, for ideal quote or outside of eu shipping ask. Payment with paypal, buyer cover fees or gift payment
  13. What it says, forums update bricked the possibility to post and now it works again, this was a test to check if all forums are free again
  14. USB worked for me including pen srive, I used the driver and method that EVGA used at Z390 Dark, there is a thread at EVGA Forum about it
  15. Hmm, seems 115-150 Euros is too expensive for kits that can easily do 4200c12 Gb3 - time to offer my junk somewhere else^^
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