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  1. Hmm, this makes shipping expensive so no idea if it is worth it, the rams are 4x8GB Trident Z 3866C18 tested for 4266 12-11-11-28 1t GB3, CB11.5 etc one pair and second pair at least 4200 12-11-11-28 1T GB3 and 4266 other benchmarks, A1 quad kit. The cpu is my backup for ram tests, can do 4133-4200GB3 and 4266 other benchmarks but my board degraded, so no idea if it a killer imc, 4800c14 works as well, core is around 1,25v 5,2ghz undelidded air CB15. Rams 380 Euros, CPU (boxed) 350 and if needed I have a 3600c16 BallistiX e-die kit as well I might let go cheap, I only used them to simulate 4000c18 specs for some tests. Iirc, shipping to us is 50 euros at least, so I am sceptical this makes sense
  2. I am off duty and not responsible anymore for any decision that hwbot takes. Or to say it sloppy, that is non of my business anymore
  3. You are located in USA? I have an 8086k I consider selling and also some B-die and a Micron e-die kit, but sending abroad is usually not making much sense
  4. Both kits sold on a special fees deal on ebay, thanks for the space nontheless, hwbot
  5. This is really impressive and I sense that is not the end of the road
  6. Up for sale are my last two rgb memory kits, all others are sold private or on ebay 1. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Royal silver DDR4-4400C18-19-19-39 1.40v (Samsung B-die) Like new, used around 3 hours for software- and compability tests. I don´t overclock anymore but did a fast test for DDR4-4000C15 and DDR4-4600C17 which worked easily, 4133 12-11 and 4800c14-13 worked for fast gb3 tests. Manufacturing date august 2019, box and sticker/towel are part of the sale 2. 2x16GB G.Skill Trident Z Royal silver DDR4-4000C19-19-19-39 1.35v (Samsung B-die) Top bin, used for a few BIOS-compability checks (around 3 hours), no oc apart from fast tests spi32m for 4000C16 and 4133C17 on an awful BIOS on my Apex. Manufacturing date august 2019, in box with towel and sticker Prices 1. 260 Euros+shipping sold 2. 360 Euros+shipping pending The items will be shipped from germany which means shipping is around 15 Euros at EU, payment with paypal (friends and family or buyer covers fees!!). I don´t think shipping to locations outside of europe make sense, if you still are interested you can get a quote of the outrageous criminal rates the mafia organization dhl wants
  7. Haha, and soon another one bites the dust 😛
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