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  1. Noobism detected 🙈 - disable hardware recognition, the wrapper is too old and due to no update it prevents files to be accepted. Happy benching 😛
  2. websmile

    Zadak 511 Shield DDR4-4133C18 short review

    I sold my kit because I got practically zero feedback by Zadak and it became clear that there obviously was no interest in any kind of longer partnership. They are in Japan now^^
  3. websmile

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    @EDORAM If the kit boots with 1,35 or higher, that´s what imc needs - normally Intel cpus are quite reliable at these voltages, still the voltage is quite high. Not sure if this is healthy when used for years Calvin, if you can´t do 4600c14, try 0.9v vtt and vary settings, it is for sure not mem issue if this doesnt work
  4. Use G.Skill, no compability problems even with a2
  5. I don´t think skylake and newer systems need Hept enabled - these rely on an internal clock and are not vulnerable to the rtc bug. Because of the understandable confusion I think the developper can explain this as well, and please don´t send reports next days until this is cleared P.S. And yes, it is really confusing if this is now shown as red "Hept not enabled" on 8700K - that´s why clarification is needed and maybe a fix
  6. OK, you killed hwbot.org Micka - no mercy for you 😛
  7. websmile

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    As said, try to play with vccsa and io - if all settings are auto these might be too high, I did not use gene so I can only tell you with 1704 which fixed a problem on apex x, I had no problems to run xmp. Maybe try xas 19, I have no idea what causes the problem
  8. websmile

    GSkill DDR4/ Ram-pot (ww)

    #4 sold and paid, mem-pot sold, thread is closed. Thanks for the space hwbot
  9. websmile

    GSkill DDR4/ Ram-pot (ww)

    Sorry Alexandre, both kits are sold in a bundle
  10. websmile

    GSkill DDR4/ Ram-pot (ww)

    Still available
  11. websmile

    GSkill DDR4/ Ram-pot (ww)

  12. I really like the fact evga returned with a competetive highend board, but due to price and availability in germany it is no option for me, Maybe if I see it do 4266 c12 32m air like I could do on apex XI I will buy a used board if it ever appears at europe at a decent price, but not now. Really sad story XP support for XI is not planned obviously
  13. Single, check press release and eoc sports page
  14. websmile

    GSkill DDR4/ Ram-pot (ww)

    You can shoot me a pm or hit me on FB if you have questions, this is my last A2 PCB-layout kit I own