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  1. All done, thanks for space, hwbot
  2. DDR4 Hynix was only the cherry on the ice cream - I cannot remember any decent ic they made from ddr1 times and afterwards Let´s hope Micron is really back so we another contender to challenge Samsung
  3. Might be interesting, but I don´t like Hynix, so Klevv is on my blacklist^^
  4. Cleared for i9 - won´t work even with better mems with 8th gen at least for 4266 1T - so don´t set hopes to high unless you upgrade and find a decent imc. Nontheless good to see Dumo running G.Skills again
  5. This is nothing new, and sadly nothing is cleared - you need a 9th gen cpu for this to work - same as on apex x and old version of xp bios with 4133 divider with any layout. I already talked to an asus guy about this and think this will not change. Basically any a2 kit capable of doing 4266 will do this because it seems to be an RTL and iol issue. Let me know when this topic is really cleared because I refuse to spend my cash on useless i9 as you know
  6. 4500s and the 4000c19 32gb kit are sold. Bump for the corsair LPX red
  7. Howdy up for sale are a few spare DDR4 kits 1. 2x16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-4000C19 Highest bin G.Skill offers for 16GB sticks, barely used (only for board and BIOS/IMC tests). 4133 c17 1,35v DOS memtest, geekbench and 32m spi stable, manufacturing date april 2019, in box. 2. 2x16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3466 C16 Samsung B-die, used for some board and BIOS tests, 4133C18 1,35v DOS memtest , geekbench and spi 32m. I am second owner, no accessory. 3. 2x8GB G.Skill DDR4-4500C19 Silver white Excellent kit, surprisingly a2 layout. I am first owner, 4133 12-11 waza, 4266 gb3 and 4850c14 32m with lots of headroom (IMC limit or max volts on imc I was willing to give^^) Prices 1. sold at Hardwareluxx 2. sold at hardwareluxx 3. deal canceled, not for sale atm Payment with paypal (buyer covers fees or gift payment), bank transfer possible at euro-zone, shipping within eu ca 15 euros.
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