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  1. websmile

    (FS-EU)64GB of B-die (G.Skill/Kingston)

    Kingston Predators sold
  2. websmile

    FS: 6565MHz r15 7350k / 6650MHz r15 7700k

    I don´t think it is making the rounds, you are third owner in more than two years, I bought it from shop directly as first owner in germany and then sold it to Luumi^^ - and it still rocks
  3. websmile

    FS: 6565MHz r15 7350k / 6650MHz r15 7700k

    Good to see my old 7350k still alive and kicking
  4. websmile

    (FS)Impact VI/ 1150 cpus/ DDR3

    Replied- item #8 sold and #7 2200c7 RipjawsX also sold
  5. websmile

    (FS)Impact VI/ 1150 cpus/ DDR3

  6. websmile

    (FS-EU)64GB of B-die (G.Skill/Kingston)

    Combine shipping with my old gen thread and save on shipping 😍
  7. websmile

    (FS)Impact VI/ 1150 cpus/ DDR3

    I already deassembled the 1150 system, so no tests on top anymore because of this
  8. websmile

    (FS)Impact VI/ 1150 cpus/ DDR3

    Hi, after already weeding out most 1155 hardware I now completely want to sell my 1150 stuff, I don´t bench anymore and will unify all to ddr4 systems. Everything offered here was tested yesterday to work and in good condition CPUs 1. Intel Core i7-4770K tray No oc results, the cpu was only used for memory tests and surfing, IMC easily did 2666 c8 with psc for me. No golden batch, so I did not bother to check oc especially because the cpu is not delidded and was used with box like cooler, what I can say is that vid on impct VI is 1,024v 2. Intel Pentium G3220 tray What it says, only kept as backup cpu, no oc-tests of any kind. 3. Intel Pentium G3258K tray Works, no oc tests Mainboard 4. Asus Maximus VI Z87 Impact boxed Excellent condition with complete accessory (soundcard, wifi, io shield, manual etc), never used on cold. Cooling 5. EKWB SF3D Triple-point Evo memory pot Aluminium Heatsinks, pot itself is insulated with armaflex, complete apart from one HS screw which work nontheless and can be replaced if buyer is perfectionist 6. Scythe Mugen 3 CPU-cooler With fan (scythe slipstrea 1200) and accesory for Intel and AMD, the cooler is ok for example for the impact 6 if you pretest, also good for daily use. Ram 7. 2x2GB G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-2200 C7-10-10-28 (PSC) Purchased to take pictures, 8155 PCB and xpsc, iirc I tested the kit long ago on Z77 for 2400 7-11-7-28 1,69v, now only checked for specs for sale. Good condition 8. 2x2GB G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-2200 C9-9-9-27 (BBSE) Purchased to take picture for posts and because I was curious as sn indicated Hypers, but despite the fact they look like Hypers they behave like BBSE^^ - no oc tests apart from check for 2000 7-7-7 (failed) and 2200 7-9-7 (worked), specs tested. good condition Prices (excluding shipping) 1. 150 Euros 2. 25 Euros 3. sold 4. 135 Euros 5. 35 Euros 6. 15 Euros 7. 40 Euros sold 8. 50 Euros sold The hardware is located in germany, payment methods are paypal (buyer is responsible for fees or gift payment) or bank transfer in germany. For quotes on shipping please ask
  9. websmile

    (FS-EU)64GB of B-die (G.Skill/Kingston)

    Up, I will create an "oldschool" thread tomorrow on top with ddr3 hardware like impact VI, cpus, mems etc if it doesn´t sell on black market before
  10. websmile

    (FS-EU)64GB of B-die (G.Skill/Kingston)

    4266 12-11 cb 11.5 screen added for the Kingston, they do at least 4133 c12 Spi32m on apex xi
  11. websmile

    {FS} DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z 3733 C17 4 x 8 Gb

    Please make a real pic of the memory with your Nickname and date
  12. websmile

    (FS-EU)64GB of B-die (G.Skill/Kingston)

    Kingston predator added
  13. It´s on Gigabyte, what do you expect? 5.2g? 😂 😛