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  1. Always newest version is OK, normally we write 3.2 and latter to make this clear, but at the moment it seems to be a bit stressful for the coders
  2. RB forgot to update the gpu ;link, look at cpu benchmarks
  3. Pre-testing air in progress - thread needs some life signs
  4. Global Points

    The point distribution is still bugged
  5. Thanks for the good intentions, but the links are better way
  6. This is algorythm issue, please stop reprting the scores because this will not help but cause chaos and tons of extra work = thanks
  7. Are you sure? Maybe you might mix up world record and globals, just a wild guess http://hwbot.org/submission/3785121_ikki_3dmark05_2x_radeon_hd_4870x2_77128_marks http://hwbot.org/submission/3724101_dancop_3dmark05_geforce_gtx_980_ti_92221_marks There is a global ranking for 4x and one for 1x for example, but for world record there is just a single ranking. Of course I do not know if you can configure this, but in theory this could work. P.s. in worst case and this is not configurable single threaded would be OK, but we still have the Aquamark problem then which due to the bug scores higher in sli than single despite not scaling. I think Rauf will give info on this^^
  8. This was a decision made to balance the ranking, hwbot already pushed really hard towards 3d with rev7 and it was decided we can not over-emphasize this even more. I would have no problem with re-enabling globals for 06 single if we balance the ranking by finally stripping 3 and 4way multi card for 01,05 and 06 and 2,3 and 4way for aquamark 3. Reason is no scaling at all for 3way and higher for legacies and for am3 2way as well bc it is bugged.
  9. You have to submit directly after the bench (bench win Lan), save file does not work, this is an older issue and should not have been fixed because the benchmark gets no updates atm
  10. So practically we can guess or throw a dice if a result is valid or not? I removed a 1m because the screen was missing and nothing else, happy discussion about the results and you better pick someone for next round who moderates this, bc I have big doubts Albrecht will do it and I am out.