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  1. Thanks Guys. Its possible to run Version 3.4.4 but Benchmate doesnt give a Valid Score. I can run this again with Version 3.4.2. and you will see a guarded Benchmate score !
  2. thanks Guys. Benchmate doesnt support the latest Geek 3 version. Albrecht told me to use Benchmate OR the latest Version.
  3. Thanks for keeping this this Place !!!! Iam in for Patreon
  4. thanks Guys.... yeah maybe^^ final Version will be shown soon, some little changes are needed but this one is working realy fine
  5. thanks for your offer. i prefer arround 6,5 or higher r15
  6. Hi Guys, iam looking for a strong 6700K. let me know if somebody have one for sale
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