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  1. Hi always available pack 3? (a2 kingston) THX
  2. sad for the CPU, often the 4790k does not like high voltage, unlike the 4770k, there's some time a lot of 4790k died because of that, in any case very nice score, good job!
  3. yes, why with samsung 5500 points? probably my profile yes ... cons with psc 6100 points, but it was too late for changed, too much ice ^^
  4. yes great chip / 7020 r15 / 7200 gpupi and 7.1gb3, will be top for legacy
  5. rm3113

    [FS] 6940 R15 8700k!

    Hi always available ? thx
  6. I try everything, in manual with the hwbot file and the other file ...
  7. Hello I can not submit the score cb11.5, I must be a noob! 🙄 thx
  8. Not everyone have background that proudly say "no tweak no wassa"
  9. most of the scores are invalid the rules are the rules no?
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