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  1. sno

    775 CPUs

    Price drops!
  2. sno

    775 CPUs

    I haven't tested any of these, so no guarantee against DOA. Prices are shipped to United States, but international shipping is available! Standard shipping for these is USPS First Class. Add Priority for $2. Discounts available when buying multiple items! Pentium 4 521 - $8 shipped Pentium 4 521 - $8 shipped Pentium 4 640 - $8 shipped Pentium 4 'D' 945 - $11 shipped E2180 - $10 shipped E2180 - $10 shipped E2180 - $10 shipped E2180 - $10 shipped
  3. Trying to get this submitted, but it doesn't look like it's showing up under the competition page. http://hwbot.org/submission/2464844_sno_superpi___32m_core_i7_4900mq_8min_56sec_354ms Should be on this page, yes?
  4. sno

    Dragon F1 EE

    I'll try amd remember to put a photo tomorrow.
  5. sno

    Dragon F1 EE

    Have an extra one (or few) of these. Copper beauty, heavily used Comes with full mounting hardware, insulation, eraser, and a temperature probe. $170 shipped to United States. International shipping is also available.
  6. sno

    36L LN2 Dewar

    Okay, sent you PM. I can ship as early as tomorrow morning.
  7. I know, I was going to post them for the Kingston contest at an exorbitant price but forgot *Edit: They're pending now.
  8. Sorry, there's a typo. It's 3x2GB kit.
  9. sno

    36L LN2 Dewar

    Looks like USPS Priority is about $100 USD.
  10. I bought these from OCN around last month. I haven't had time to do anything with them. They come with original retail packaging. They've never been cold. $50 shipped to United States. Global shipping is available at buyer's expense.
  11. sno

    36L LN2 Dewar

    Saving up for a cascade or something. This thing is 36L, Union Carbide. It's pretty old and ugly, but it does the trick. I don't know how long it holds for sure, I've had LN2 sitting in it for several days before and didn't have any noticeable loss. $300-> $275 + ship.
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