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  1. yeah guy edit screenshot so delete his accout that is fair
  2. subtest arent mandatory for pcm04 most of the submissions dont have them this is mandatory: all of this is on my screenshot, i only added my notest about subtest i admit that i shouldnt done this in paint but in notepad in separate window instead. Also why i wasnt warned about this subbmission, i would delete this, insted you banned me instantly, cmon i had accout here since 2007, all my hardware history was here.
  3. In benchmarks rules i didnt see anything about it and i didnt think that will be such problem. So i got banned permanently or this is temporary ? Can i retrive my submissions somehow ?
  4. oh come on, i will delete this subbmission, i have hundredsof subbmissions and im continuously posting new dont ban me pls
  5. overal score is legit, subscorres are irrelevant, idk why i got banned, really i cant edit irrelevant part of the screenshot ?
  6. well i edited this because i had problems with crashes and i wanted to save my subscores somehow, iirc overal score is matters the rest is irrelevant so what a big deal ?
  7. Pls help, i dont see my previous subbmissions, only 3 last that i posted today, the rest of it looks like this https://hwbot.org/submission/4256994_ "THIS SUBMISSION HAS BEEN DELETED OR BLOCKED." WTF ?
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