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  1. Hello, i installed a new cpu on my X99A Xpower Ac, i tested stability at 4ghz (fixed vcore) and im' stable at 1.15v. Now i'd like to use adaptive vcore in order to reduce vcore during low power demanding operations ( web surfing and office ) but if i set adaptive vcore and set 1,1 or 1,15v the real vcore (hwinfo reding) reach 1,259v. Is the adaptive voltage setting buggy or i've made some mistakes? Every other setting is on Auto. Tnx for you help. Edit: I've found the trick, with adaptive +/- offset voltage i should leae the vcore value at Auto and set only the desired offset but the question is: The vcore value for adaptive and adaptive + offset is useless?
  2. Hi all, finally i received my X99A Xpower Ac; i'm trying to download Command center lite memory but the link is not running, somemone know where i can download this tool? Tnx!
  3. Hi, but if try to edit my score, in "Processor" setting i have "A4-5300@4668.59 mhz (the cpu clock setting) and in Reference/IMC/QPI i have: blank/1922/137,31 mhz! :-(
  4. Hi, can you add DFI Lanparty UT X48 T2R mobo to database? Tnx
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