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(FS) R9 290s, 1200W AXis, CPUs/Mobos [UK]


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Hi all, been prompted to stick this is here. Prices inclusive of postage.


9 x AMD R9 290 GPUs £250 each

3 x Corsair AXi 1200W PSUs £160 each

1 x Corsair Air 540 Cases £70 each

3 x AMD FX6300 AM3+ CPU £65 each

2 x Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 Motherboards £95 each


All have 2 years (minus 2-3 months) warranty with Aria.


All are boxed in original boxes and are as new.









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Details of AMD R9 290 ? Mod to X ?



They are just standard reference R9 290s, I've never touched them with regards to modding as I wanted to keep warranties intact and so on :)


i take it these were mining rigs?


maybe posting asics would help sell them!


im slightly tempted!


They were mining rigs, sat in an outbuilding at ~0-10 degrees so never often went over 80 while worked, none crashed either so all are solid.


Am willing to accept offers too.

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