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Need some $ for Computex madness so some hw for sell


1. Rampage IV Black Edition - 240 EURO




Newest bios is flashed, works great. It's ES sample so no retail heatsinks, but works great.


2. MSI R9 290X Lightning - 490 EURO




Retail card with warranty (warranty sticker is untouched), full box. Tested once, on air did 1250 MHz GPU (FSE), quick test on LN2 - 1400 GPU.


3. MSI Z87 Xpower - 230 euro




Brand new, only powered on to flash bioses to the newest. Full box


4. ASUS Maximus VI Extreme - 260 euro




Brand new, full box with warranty


5. ASUS Maximus VI Extreme - 220 euro





Retail board with warranty, but white box from RMA (no accessories) . Was benched on LN2 without problems, some isolation on it.


6. MSI Big Bang Xpower II - 220 euro




Retail board. No box. Great board for Ivy-E, vasellined, good sample for ln2, overclocks CPU like Rampage IV Black Edition, even at lower voltage, 6150 MHz on my CPU wasn't any problem with 2666 PSC/Elpida BDBG in Quad Channel. I would say even less problematic than R4BE for benching.


7. Kingston HyperX 2666C11, 2800C12, each kit 2x4 GB HYNIX MFR




All retail, with lifetime warranty. I remember that 2666C11 kit was nice on air from quick test, 2800C12 are untested (one set isn't even opened yet)


Unopened 2800C12 - 130 euro


Opened 2800C12 - 125 euro


2666C11 - 80 euro


8. G.skill 2x4 GB 280011 HYNIX CFR (double sided) and Corsair 2x4 GB 2800C12 with Dominator FAN




G.skill kit is very well binned CFR, on air this kit is very good, I tested similar 2666c11 G.skill kit on ln2 and got 4100+ validation - 130 euro


Corsair kit is MFR, coming with a fan - 110 euro


Both kits with lifetime warranty


9. G.skill 2x2 GB 2200C7 PIS box with a fan, retail kit, good on ln2 - 100 euro




They did in dual 2666 6-10-6-26 all super tight for SPI 32M on ln2, not bad kit.


10. MSI Z87 Mpower MAX - 130 euro




Board comes with BOX, but not all accessories are included. Board is fully plastic sprayed, well prepared for LN2 and worked great under cold.


Paypal accepted, shipping in EU is cheap, for other countries asked by PM.

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