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  1. Nice find so actually LOD works for Time Spy with fooling System Info
  2. SKL, KBL, KBLX, Coffee and SKLX are BCLK/Timer bug free Win 10 allowed for everything
  3. Strong score, 3x EPS 8Pin wow, is that really needed? Board will be only ES I guess?
  4. With delidded cpu I don't think so, never had issues with it. Only Input voltage is killing machine when too high
  5. Retails look strong, though binning boards for memory clocks or fullpot benching is always a must for me from so many generations, but my luck for "golden sample" is legendary on the other hand.
  6. Introduction It's high time get more familiar with the newest Intel HEDT platform - LGA 2066 and X299 chipset. To be honest I hoped that some other overclockers, who were benching ROG X299 platform more often than I was able to or got access to more models of CPUs than I had, would share their extra knowledge so I could learn something extra to avoid rookie mistakes, but it's already 3 months from the launch and meanwhile I learned some tricks. Maybe they will learn something from me instead Rampage VI Apex The hero of this guide is Asus Rampage VI Apex edition motherboard which
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