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[EU - Italy] Cpu socket 939 Dual core Opteron 180 - up to 3 Ghz Air !

Diabolik Oc

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I'm selling this Opteron, xtreme power for 939 socket - 1+1MB L2 Cache standard at 2.4 Ghz and it can go over 3G !!!

Validate Air (Old Zalman) ambient 24C° and Cpu start temp 34-35C° bios !!! http://hwbot.org/submission/2543846_ ;)


Is possible that this Cpu can get a World record under Ln2, but i not have idea because i usually use only air systems...

I used this Opty daily at 250X10 @1.28V (V-stock is 1.33), it stay ever fresh and powerfull rams controller at 250 2.5-3-3-6, never problems!


Overclock capacity > ULTRA!

LN2 SS ICE or under 0°C used > NEVER!

OC TESTS > Only 2 - one very old (2012) Spi 1M, and one actually cpu-freq for get the cpu limit (i'm in south Sardegna, "very hot island" - Cagliari - here we actually have 22-29C°) this cpu is very very nice ;)


Cpu price 50 Euro (perfect condictions)

I can ship only in all europe at 8 Euro (Blister Cpu, pluriball and tracking)


READ : I not ship out of Europe because can cost up to 30 euro and can include custom officer problems.. for this cause i can't ship all world!

Excuse me for bad english :)

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