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cdolphin - Core i7 930 @ 4637MHz - 4636.99 mhz CPU-Z


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nice frequency man! now run some benchies at that frequency :D


and BTW that board is plenty capable with the right BIOS. It will take the P6X58D Premium BIOS and then you can enable QPI slow mode which equals lots more BCLK. I hit 5.3Ghz on my 930 with it on saturday. check the DICE/LN2 section on OCN....


I bought my chip from Asus for $5 (plus ludicrous $15 shipping)

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I am likely going to be RMAing this board, it doesn't actually work in tri-channel mode. 6 GB is recognized occasionally in BIOS, but only every once in a while...I tried the two sets of RAM I have here, I tried my initial three sets (OCZ XMP, these Super Talents and some generic DDR3 from a dell) and swapped my CPU for my i7-920.

That would be fine, except that I just received this board back from six months of pending RMAs, five RMAs deep is not a nice place to be, especially when they send you two boards that do not post. One of which has a back-plate from the Apoggee GT stuck to its underside (who uses epoxy/superglue to place a backplate? Or else who raised the temperature of the rear of the socket enough to make some solder reflow ^_^).


I will be making a dice pot in my school's machine shop in a while, though I will likely post a number of simulations of the pot in SolidWorks before hand, assuming I can get it to work the way I want it :)

I may end up using Inventor, as much as my school does not support AutoDesk products ^_^.

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