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Unlocking ATI 5970 core freq. over 1000Mhz


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Okay Ximi , I do it a bit different but it works and thanks for having me try RBE for this job again . Check out cores 0 & 1 1200Mhz CCC limits . I may do a complete thread on how to mod any bios soon .5970-1200mhz1.png59701200mhz.pngvantage32608.png Here is a sample with my one 5970 cores unlocked , this run is with low cpu frequency's for testing 5970 new core frequency capabilities . At 1055mhz I am at 1.299v , room temp H20 . Anyone owing a 5970 that can do 1000mhz I recommend unlocking its core frequency to really wake up your card for mainly Vantage runs .

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