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4790K 4800MHz XTU 1.35V || G.Skill 3000C12 MFR


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Hey Fellas,


I am selling my brand new RMA CPU.

Batch L423B679.

Only tested once at 4800MHz 1,35V XTU. I bin this way....my best does 4900 with 1,365V and got 6GHz FSX stable in physx. So this one should be good for 5850 I think...Maybe this chip scales with voltage instead of my best one!


Price is 300€ shipped european wide


CPU is sold!


And here are the mems:




Won them on the EOC this year!


Only tested for function...nothing more!


Price is 200€ shipped european wide


Overseas please ask for a shipping quote!


verkaufneuebatch7dsbz.jpg dsc_0632zskhd.jpg dsc_0633y6ktu.jpg dsc_06340pky0.jpg dsc_0635lakh9.jpg dsc_0636k3jxu.jpg


And here are the mems:


ADATA 2400 9-11-9 (PSC)

80€ shipped in germany - 90€ shipped in the EU


Kingston HyperX T1 (BBSE)

55€ shipped in germany - 65€ shipped in the EU


G.Skill Trident 2000C9 (Probably BBSE - the best BBSE sticks I've tested, maybe bdbg)

96€ shipped in germany - 106€ shipped in the EU


G.Skill Ripjaws 2200 9-9-9 (BBSE)

80€ shipped in germany - 90€ shipped in the EU


Never removed the HS except on one trident, just to look under the hood!


dsc_0672sesh5.jpg dsc_0673o1som.jpg dsc_0674hosgr.jpg dsc_0675u6srn.jpg dsc_067608skr.jpg

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