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  1. Dancop

    DDR4 Sell-Out

    all gone
  2. Dancop

    DDR4 Sell-Out

    3600c17 sold
  3. Dancop

    DDR4 Sell-Out

    Hi Folks, I'm selling these mems as a private person, so there's no warranty or similar. 500.-€ plus shipping for all of'em! Just an overview https://geizhals.de/g-skill-trident-z-silber-rot-dimm-kit-16gb-f4-3600c17d-16gtz-a1354210.html 50.-€ plus shipping https://geizhals.de/g-skill-trident-z-royal-silber-dimm-kit-16gb-f4-4000c17d-16gtrs-a1955855.html 150.-€ plus shipping 4800c14 2T loose boots https://www.memoryc.com/32135-16gb-g-skill-ddr4-trident-z-royal-gold-4000mhz-pc4-32000-cl15-1-35v-dual-channel-kit-2x8gb.html Link shows gold, but I'm selling the silver ones 170.-€ plus shipping 4800c14 2T loose boots https://geizhals.de/g-skill-trident-z-silber-weiss-dimm-kit-16gb-f4-4266c19d-16gtzsw-a1576983.html 150.-€ plus shipping These are my best left A0 retail sticks https://hwbot.org/submission/3833965_dancop_superpi___32m_core_i5_8600k_4min_19sec_989ms/ Sadly I lost the screen with 2095MHz 12-11-11 https://geizhals.de/thermaltake-toughram-rgb-memory-dimm-kit-16gb-r009d408gx2-3600c18b-a2165778.html 85€ plus shipping
  4. Where's the Screenshot with the 12 in a word? Improved Screenshot instead of improved score?
  5. Seriously... If I'd find such an unusual chip... I'd do a video, to prevent these comments! If it's really such a strong unique piece of silicon... Congrats!
  6. Crazy skill. Would love to send you a Titan rtx! Would be awesome to that card on cold afterwards!
  7. I know my friend... But I saw it already... And... Sandbagging isn't allowed anymore, is it? Anyhow... Need ln2, this result was just done on my last few litres, had no hope in this chip, but it turned out to be a good one
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