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  1. @_mat_ Technically your job was what you are... Brilliant! BUT I'm a salesman... So I would have approached them and all the others, totally different... "dear company x, on hwbot... Blabla... Competitive benchmarking... I developed... Sustainable results... A must have for upcoming submissions... are u interested in integrating your sw? If yes, here's my account number. Thx an br Mat" I know it's a bit funny, but u did all the specific work, found General issues and now they want to sue you? IMHO, that's even more funny tho
  2. Why not using the settings for mem I used at gskill? I got almost 23fps at 6g fixed...
  3. Who of you guys tested one of these profiles? Please put some geeks and 32ms in here!
  4. Just look into the g. Skill results. At least you'll find the first timings for this
  5. For x265 there's another magic profile, but that one isnt part of the bios now...
  6. @Radi Remember the Saturday at g. Skill booth. I showed you, that even your chip can boot up with 1.35 Sa and 4800...
  7. Ht disabled, for ht I needed the cpu idle around 20 degrees, except my best one. That did it even in my room in Taiwan with aio
  8. Straight boot one, and all did 47xx boot and raise in os up to 48xx. Max through raising in os has been 4900
  9. Typical ASUS...4800C14 anyone??? Just load the profiles
  10. Hey Fellas, Everyone was binning and buying A0 memories with the goal to reach 4200+ c12-11. For a very long time, this was the absolute way to go in all benchmarks, until Alva decided to show us the real magic on A2 during the GOC 2018 in Vietnam. From that moment on, a lot of people tried to reproduce these settings and even improve them. I think the G.Skill OC Worldcup then, showed what’s really possible on A2, where we showed 5100MHz C14-14 and 5000MHz C14-13. It was said, that 4800C14-13 is not really much faster than 4200c12-11 in for example 32m. Yes, that’s not wrong. But keep in mind, that 4200 or in best cases 4240, ist he absolute limit. 4800C14-13 is something that some guys can run on air and not the limit. I’ve tried 4933c14-13 and it was in fact faster and this is still not the limit…look at the screenshot: Due to the fact, many many people start using A2 mem and some high freq & low latency settings, Asus decided to put some further profiles into the upcoming BIOS files. Here ist he first one: ROG-MAXIMUS-XI-APEX-ASUS-0021.7z And here as well: https://filehorst.de/d/cbqoCxgJ And for the gene: ROG-MAXIMUS-XI-GENE-ASUS-0021.7z Now the how-to-apply guide. Keep in mind, that not all A2 mems and/or 9900k can do this due to several, known reasons! Please don’t give up on booting them, once it doesn’t work. DRAM VTT should always be around 0.9V-0.95V. IO/SA depends on your chip, but I figured out on 4 different chips, that too much is not really good! On all my chips, the max I needed was 1.35 IO and 1.4 SA. DRAM Voltage is best around 1.97 to 2V for booting. In OS I was able to raise the voltage up to 2.15 on some sticks. 4800 2V: This is actually the lowest profile. It should run on at least 90% of all Systems with semi good sticks. 4800MHz is quite high for an all air cooled system, this might be the toughest thing here – temperature! If you can’t boot this profile straight, start with 98MHz BCLK. Find your max bootable setting. Then raise the rest in the OS. ALL RTLs are Auto! Some kits require to set the initial value to 79 and both offsets to 20. 4800 1,97V: This profile is by far the toughest one. Only two out of all my A2 dimms did this on air. This is basically a cold profile. With a cold CPU I was able to boot this one with 8 sticks! With cold CPU and cold MEM, all parts did it immediately. The same rule applies to the 4933 profile. Here you have a profile, that gives you at least 8600 points in geek 3 single mem score at 5G CPU! Once you went cold on both, CPU and MEM, you can try booting this profile with 4933. I was able to do so in Taiwan. That made it possible to run this setting at almost 5g: If you can’t boot, with postcode 23 for example, then change the RTLs in this profile to auto. Now they are 62/63/13/13. Keep the initial at 79 and raise the offsets from 19/18 to 20 both. (this is a general rule for all three profiles). If it boots now, try lowering the offsets again to 19 both and keep the RTLs at auto. The offsets 19/18 is the lowest I got working and it really gave me the best performance! Keep in mind, everything higher than 4850MHz with c14 I needed at least 0°C on the MEM to boot! 4933 1,97V: Let’s call it the killing spree profile! With this profile you might be able to boot even with 5g divider! It’s not easy, but doable with the following how-to. 1. CPU and MEM cold 2. CPU is fine from -100°C to fullpot, MEM should be -60°C to -80°C for training. Once it trained, torch your mem to around -20°C to -30°C to enter the OS. 3. Try to keep the mem around that temperature. Unless you changed the bclk, your MEM shouldn’t be trained again and you don’t need to focus the temp. I hope you like this. Maybe there will be a Gene BIOS soon as well…
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