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  1. I'm selling the mentioned bundle without warranty, but fully working and all retail! The chip does 4200 easily, 4300 with AIO and 4400 with 20 degrees water! At 10 degrees water, 4700 is possible...see the video: https://youtu.be/M21vnDEEpYo Everything is in great condition, Board works great - 4200 mem bootable with all 12 dimms applied. I want at least 2700€ on my account! So shipping and all the rest is on you!
  2. Guys were asking me to do this... Now I licked blood... Ln2 tonight
  3. @_mat_ Technically your job was what you are... Brilliant! BUT I'm a salesman... So I would have approached them and all the others, totally different... "dear company x, on hwbot... Blabla... Competitive benchmarking... I developed... Sustainable results... A must have for upcoming submissions... are u interested in integrating your sw? If yes, here's my account number. Thx an br Mat" I know it's a bit funny, but u did all the specific work, found General issues and now they want to sue you? IMHO, that's even more funny tho
  4. Why not using the settings for mem I used at gskill? I got almost 23fps at 6g fixed...
  5. Who of you guys tested one of these profiles? Please put some geeks and 32ms in here!
  6. Just look into the g. Skill results. At least you'll find the first timings for this
  7. For x265 there's another magic profile, but that one isnt part of the bios now...
  8. @Radi Remember the Saturday at g. Skill booth. I showed you, that even your chip can boot up with 1.35 Sa and 4800...
  9. Ht disabled, for ht I needed the cpu idle around 20 degrees, except my best one. That did it even in my room in Taiwan with aio
  10. Straight boot one, and all did 47xx boot and raise in os up to 48xx. Max through raising in os has been 4900
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