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driush 3d - Core 2 Q9400 (2.66Ghz) @ 3608MHz - 3608 mhz CPU-Z


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  • Crew
chakerim aziz. faghat ye soal mother boarde man cpu PLL to tanzimatesh nadare!shayad manzure shoma hamun voltage asli cpu bashe(VTT), doroste?

aval az hame inke be jame ma khosh umadid :x


khob age Cpu Pll nadashte bashid overclock in quad core kheili sakht mishe


Cpu Vcore ro Cpuz 1.5v neshun mide

Cpu vtt ya Fsb termination chand dadid?

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  • Crew
SETFSB version ro download kardam.

mishe ye khorde dar morede tanzimatesh tozih bedin.


khahesh mikonam


aval inke dariush jan shoma in noskhe ro dl konid (in free hast)



badesh dar in site:



dar bakhsh Clock Generator (Motherboard), bayad code marboot be motherboard khodetun ro peyda konid


man ke gashtam chizi nabud! shayad code haye p35 ruye p31 kar kone


bad az entekhab code dar barname Setfsb, dokme Get fsb ro bayad bezanid

agar code doros bashe FSB dorost ro neshun mide va ba afzayeshe fsb va zadan set fsb mitunid oc konid


vali age fsb ro doros nashnase ya error bede ya sys hang kone bayad donbal code digeii bashid :)

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