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P5K premium voltmods


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Hello all.


I am having some dificulties with P5K premium voltmods.


I am using this thread written by SF3D at XS as a guide:http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=145142


The guide was written for the P5K dlx, but many have posted/told me that it should be the same for the P5K premium. The ICs, reisistors, etc look IDENTICAL to the pictures. The only difference at all that I have noticed is with the heatsinks for the bridges and mosfets.


1. Vcpu not working at all.


2. Vcpu measure point makes NO sense to me whatsoever. I see no coils under or around any of the circled area in the original pic.


3. Vpll measure point does not appear to be correct. No matter what I set Vpll to in BIOS, the measure point reads 1.6V. However, when I trim my VR, it does change and move the voltage measured at the measure point. Any ideas?


4. Vdimm measure point and mod posted by Devil-Ice (2nd one posted in my link) are working 100%


Any help/advice appreciated regarding P5K premium Vmods. Im stuck where I am without more juice.



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