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  1. Where can I find the rule: only 1 score per user per stage?
  2. Question: my Dothan-submission for referance clock (score) does not appear in the ranking: competition ranking It is recorded as belong to ranking, see top of the screen shot:
  3. The BH-5 like cold AIR to get more stable...did with ghetto pot on these 280 2-2-2-5 1M...
  4. For sale: sold - very good container for high loads - screws and thermo couple included - used only once - isolated with aramflex Questions? Also on: HWL
  5. Easy... We had a similar competition on a bench session, but: target score was unknown UNTIL start of the competition... Idea: 1. increase time frame for submit up to eg 24 h 2. timeframe can be adjusted from stage to stage for every reagion (EU / US / ASIA) - let's say first stage starts at 0800 am CET, second 0400 pm CET, third 0000 am 3. target unknown, maybe just give a range - secret trarget is eg 80.000 3D03 and just a range from 60.000 ~ 100.000 is published to prepare the right hardware => first hit is the winner, or the closest score after 24 h for shure, these 24 h are though, but can also be changed down to 4 h or 8 h...
  6. Nice idea, nice contest, but bad implementation... When it's only about knowing server lag and multi upload, I have to say: HOMEWORK NOT DONE!
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