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Asus 780Ti MATRIX = 1970/2100MHz


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My good 780Ti MATRIX up for sale!




Its still the best card for Vantage and 2001... and its easy to bench.

Its easy to run -170°C with this card and even CB free on load.

CBB around -125°C.


Card comes fully insulated, with soldered Hotwire cables and OC Panel, so plug cables, set voltages (+83 VGPU, +11 VMEM, + 6 VPLL) and your ready to go!

Use memory defroster to run these memory clocks on cold!

LN2 jumper and defroster jumper are bridged.


Vantage 1xGPU WR @ 1950/2100



Fire Strike Extreme @ 1950/2100



Card also can do 1970/2100 FSX but I have no screen because score was not better. Maybe it need some more voltage/temp tweaking to get this running with good performance.


There is the original packaging, the stock cooler and the OC Panel included.


Please keep in mind, you need STRONG PSU (tested on LEPA 1600/1700) to run these clocks and good GPU pot with Gelid Extreme.


May I ask 450€ for it?


Shipping to EU is about 16€, shipping for Germany included.

Please feel free to ask worldwide shipping, I will check prices to your country!

Payment with Paypal :)


Let me know if price is to high... we can talk about it. But its one of the best 780Ti around, so it should be fair?


Best regards, Andi from BenchBros :)

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