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Guest PH Benchmarker

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Guest PH Benchmarker

Good evening, I would like to get help for my little problem, as well:


I'm running the benchmarks, using an AMD Sempron 145, with the second core unlocked, but the only result that comes out is the correct CPU-Z in the benchmark "CPU Frequency", the prime HWBOT and MaxxMem Read Bandwidth, I have received emails stating that the results are incorrect because the CPU is running with 2 cores and being sent as Sempron 145. However, When sending results hwbot Prime and MaxxMem Read Bandwidth, has the option to report that the CPU runs with two cores, as does CPU Frequency which has the tab "select active colors" where March 2x not appear in the other two benchs, ie there is just edit after I get emails saying that the result is wrong and asking to edit it. How to solve this?


PS: The Sempron 145 with the second unlocked core changes name to AMD Athlon II x2 4450e


PS2: I am using the comment at the end of the result to indicate that the CPU is a Sempron 145 with the second core unlocked, and change the name.


Hugs and thanks.

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