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  1. I see, this does remove a layer of security, will see what compromise I can make. Also, do you happen to have a list of common issue reports? I can remember the issue with cyrillics in paths and the file size (can default to lower quality and also check result file if it goes over a threshold), anything else that comes to mind?
  2. Let's see if the project is still compilable, especially since Qt support for XP has dropped a long time ago. What is the Crew's take on this, should I add a 'legacy' option for such hardware, clearly marked in UI?
  3. Clevo NL40_50CU https://valid.x86.fr/ijurz5
  4. I see, not interested in cross posting just because you decided to pick that one as 'default'. Please close the thread, cheers. RIP Turrican.
  5. Must keep this thread active Please add HP 8486 https://valid.x86.fr/am2ziq
  6. Thanks. DELL 0R1VJD https://valid.x86.fr/6uk02u
  7. Hey, missed me? Please add PEGATRON IPX41-R3 https://valid.x86.fr/qvs3sj
  8. Haven't had a good read in a while, thanks.
  9. @suzuki Thanks for the mention but I don't belong next to some of the big names of OC, I'm merely a hoarder, and I see there's less of those nowadays. I barely have any hardware left, but I will try and bench it before we part ways. Since I'm still a moderator, I will start by helping a bit on a daily basis. Also need a crash course on what's happened in the past 4 years
  10. GENiEBEN


    £105 posted.
  11. Newer version is targeted for 2.0 afaik, which is bundled in os.
  12. Price drop to £400 and £250.
  13. 2x Xeon 1650v3 @ £500/pc ONO 1x Xeon 1620v3 @ £300/pc ONO
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