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Having problems retrieving data via API.

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Hey Guys,


I am trying to hook up the API, for what I cannot reveal as yet until its complete, but I am having a few issues.


Im using the following script, to make a simple JSON call to return the results, but it never returns results - the results object is always empty, is there something I am doing wrong?



$.getJSON( "http://hwbot.org/api/ranking?application=superpi_-_1m&limit=10&jsoncallback=?",

function( data ) {







any help would be great!


EDIT: This is the response I get, even in the browser without the jsoncallback parameter.


errors: null


numberOfResults: 89393


results: [] <-- empty array

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Hi !


I up this thread as i gave a try at the Query API, following this doc : http://static.hwbot.org/api/Query_API_1.0.pdf


Same problem, results array is empty.

I used Jquery's Ajax.


Is this API still supported / updated / gone to trashbin (until next rev i hope) ?


I had first some troubles about understanding the Cross-Domain Problems and JSONP implementation, it would be better to add some lines in the doc about it.

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