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Hello. I was looking into my submissions and i noticed that i have submissions under "Mobile HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge) for both the Mobile HD Graphics GT1 and GT2+ of the same generation. The problem is that they are completely different GPUs. The GT1 is embedded in lower end CPUs like the Celeron 887 and has only 1 ROP and DX10.1 support, whereas the GT2+ has 2 ROPs and DX11. I think there's a different GPU in mobile Sandy Bridge Celeron, Pentium, i3,i5,i7. Maybe i5 and i7 have the full HD3000. Intel's named them GT1,GT2,GT2+ etc.

Could someone categorize those?


Look for example the difference between those two.

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I just can say that youre right and this should be added. But you probably have to post this in support tickets so Antinomy can see it.


I actually didn't know where to post this. I found that in the past when i needed to ask the admins to add hardware i posted here, so i posted this here too.

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