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BIOS optimalization - sharing tips

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Since I did not managed to find any bios explaining guide, that focus purely on speed, I hope to build it there, with the help of others ;)


There are some good guides, tough, such as:


Asus BIOS overclocking guide:





Now what settings I get confirmed from experienced other user, that I edit back as confirmed recommended setting:


Enhanced Halt State - allow better power saving - for speed IMHO disable?

Intel Virtualization Technology - allow HW assisted virtualization, dunno for what Win this is necessary and ho idea about speed?

CPU Thermal Throttling - "cooling" of the CPU by stoping it - for speed IMHO disble?

No-Execute Memory Protection - allow VMM assisted protection of parts of memory - for speed IMHO disable?

Hyper Threading Technology - allow system to see one core as two - for speed IMHO enable?

Intel SpeedStep - allow dynamic changes to CPU clock and voltages - for speed IMHO disable?

On-Demand Clock Modulation - allow realtime changes between clock throttling levels - for speed IMHO disable?


Spread Spectrum - mudulating clock to reduce EMI = bad for overclock - disable

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