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HWbot hang on submission


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Still is impossible to submit any score. I give up on the "propopulate by previous submission" and entered the HW by hand. Still hang on the http://hwbot.org/submit/create page forever.


Also seems that some scores vanished - most notably for me the Havli scores with FX 5600XT ... just when I wanted to overtake them (for example 3DMark 99 scored 26 661 points for me on X6800 CPU :D )

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Errrr, I figured out that this is mostly MY fault.


The SuperPi 1M submission WILL always hang, when you do THIS:


0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 sec (there is missing the seconds label) and after the dot you enter for example "17.875" ... and then good luck with anything. HW bot will hang...


But this is MY fault :) Obivously HWbot is no ready for some superfast processors that can do 1M SuperPi in 0 seconds and 17.875 ms or what the number is, lol.



Dunno if this is HW bot fault or PEBKAC fault. You decide. It does work now, my 15.9sec SuperPi result is ON :D Hoooray. Took me like two hours...

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