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  1. Wow, so I made an appeal yesterday and wrote: "Hello, Can you please explain your decision? In the listing it is clearly written: "Too many buyers take advantage of Paypal s policy. From now on, if you select a shipping option that does not offer any compensation, no refund will be possible. Choose wisely.". The buyer chose the shipping option without tracking nor insurance. When he bought the item he agreed the the terms in the listing and bought knowingly. I even pointed it out to him via private message before sending, he said it was no problem. He also requested to declare it as a gift wit
  2. I just learned today that what I wrote above is totally wrong. eBay will no do anything when the payment method is something else than PayPal. Yes, just learned that eBay will ignore whatever you write in the listing. If you write this for example: "Too many buyers take advantage of Paypal's policy. From now on, if you select a shipping option that does not offer any compensation, no refund will be possible. Choose wisely." eBay will ignore it completely even if the buyer bought knowingly and "agreed to these terms". If the seller cannot provide a tracking, he is screwed n
  3. Thank you for your message, I will be able to prove it was premeditated and win the case... not This happened after most cases and I agreed solely because of all the past mishandled cases, I would not have agreed if everything was fine. I checked and the account I am using now does not have any sanction so I do not think this has anything to do with it. And even if it did, I should have been informed no? I was never told that I lost seller protection or that I did anything wrong, it was always "we followed the PayPal Buyer Protection procedure" and "the decision that was made was
  4. A so called "profile-0" just opened a case for item not received, guess who is going to win the case...
  5. After the horror stories above, here is a nice one: Buyer asked me if it was possible to deal outside eBay, pay by bank transfer instead of PayPal and have a little discount (since I did not have to pay eBay/PayPal fees). I told him there was no problem. He paid via bank transfer and I shipped the item. Couple of weeks later, the guy sends me a message on eBay telling me he was so happy with the sale (item was in mint condition, he thought it was new) that he wanted me to relist the item so he could buy it on eBay in order to leave a positive feedback and then cancel the sale. I told him i
  6. Just came across this article: Ebay accused of failing its sellers as fraudulent buyers manipulate the system Turns out there are many articles like this. I don't know which sub is more appropriate. Different reasons: - Bank transfer seem to be only a thing in Germany. I have rarely seen it elsewhere. - Most buyers are scared off when they do not see PayPal (now I know why I guess, they want stuff for free) - With my very first account, I had this every week: Buyers "buy" the item and then never pay. You then have to open a case for item not paid and wait and th
  7. Following this thread. I feel like it is my duty as “customer†and former reviewer to share the experience I had with eBay/PayPal. Everyone knows what they are so I do not need to introduce them. But very few know how they are. Of course, I probably would not talk about them if everything was good (if it was an awesome experience maybe). I have been on both sides (as a buyer and as a seller). I do not have the exact value but I for sure have bought more than 500 items and also sold north of 500. While ~95 % went just fine, I will focus on the bad. Why you may ask? Well, because the
  8. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti K|NGP|N allowed Galax GeForce GTX 1080 Ti HOF allowed
  9. I know this case. Happened to me as well. Seller saying they did not receive the item and then a couple of months later you notice they sell the item in question... You can tell ebay but they will not give a single bunny This happened to me a lot: I sell a board with 100% perfect socket. Sellers says the board does not work. I have to pay for the return. I receive the board and the socket is damaged/destroyed. eBay does not give a single bunny (does not matter if you take picture of the socket before or not, they simply dont care). I also had one case where the buyer lost the PayPal
  10. Problem is: we are humans... Scam happens on both sides... Honest seller will prefer bank transfer over PayPal afraid of scam buyers Honest buyer will prefer PayPal over bank transfer afraid of scam sellers Can't trust no one but yourself EDIT: Actually sometimes you can't even trust yourself... Sigh
  11. Teams can be created for the occasion. What this means is that members from different teams can unite (by creating a new team and join it) to compete for this competition. Thus allowing members from different teams to compete together.
  12. I managed to edit it. Please try again.
  13. 3DMark Vantage and PCMark Vantage will be available for free from April 11
  14. Works fine here. Btw, the link on the rules page and the one on the processor page are the same except that the one on the processor page is using bit.ly I guess bit.ly does not like exe files?
  15. About case #1: I just read ebay's return policy and everything they did is against what is written in their return policy...
  16. Paypal FR and Paypal CH do not communicate with each other That's one thing. As for id, well: - Old identity card (it was valid back then, now it is expired) - Old passport (it was valid back then, now it is expired) - New identity card - New passport That is four different accounts Fun fact: I did not even try to hide it. I use the same name, home address and phone number for all accounts. The only thing that change are the email address and the bank account obviously.
  17. And those are just the latest three cases. Had many more before (but I have to admit, they were not as f*cked up). And on top of that, eBay/PayPal will block/freeze my accounts because I complain too much or the claim ratio is too high. So far I had 3 different eBay accounts and 5 different PayPal accounts (also had to open a new bank account every time because you cannot link an already used bank account). Also had many stories as a buyer, especially with old hardware when the board arrives damaged (most of the time failed (leaking, vented) caps, bent pins, scratches on PCB, half memor
  18. Problem is no one is going to pay expensive shipping costs (in some cases, it costs as much if not more than the actual item). So you end up not selling or selling at lower price because shipping is too high. Not to mention that signature or not, that will not help with the three cases I posted There is nothing you can do against eBay/PayPal's abuse of power, assholeness (is this even a word? ho well, now it is) and mishandling.
  19. #2 : (note: item was a i7-6950X) - Transaction was made on 13.12.16. - Item was shipped on 13.12.16 at 17:30. - Postal service said the delivery time was going to be 10 business days from the 14. - If we count 10 business days from the 14, that is the 28.12.16. - Buyer opened the case on 21.12.16, which is 7 days before the estimated delivery date. - I learned that his local postal office was closed until January 9. In other words, he cannot receive anything before January 10. - PayPal closed the case in his favour on January 11. In other words, one day after the buyer's local post offi
  20. Might as well post the two others: #3 (happened many times but this particular example is "gold") Was a 1200W power supply. Buyer opened case on paypal saying he never got the item. Last tracking status was showing that it arrived in Albania and nothing after that. I contacted the french postal service and they said that unfortunately for some countries like Albania, there is no further tracking updates once the item is arrived in the destination country because they do not have any agreement with the country's postal service or whatever. After my own investigation, turned out the ite
  21. @rtsurfer #1 just happened. Wanna know the story? I sold a corsair laptop memory kit on ebay as brand new (got two kits years ago and never used them). Buyer receives the item, opens a case on ebay asking for return saying it was not brand new (apparently the seal was not glued anymore) and one module is defective. I contact him on both the case and PM saying the following: Seal must have failed due to warm summer or something. That was on march 8.No news from the buyer. I contact him again one week later. Still no reply. March 17, I escalate the case saying that I contacted the
  22. Here is a step-by-step guide to get items for free using eBay and PayPal thanks to their stupidity, abuse of power, assholeness, mishandling, carelessness and dumb policies. I mean, ever heard that eBay/PayPal will state in favour of the buyer all the time? That is true, 99.9999999999 % of the time, eBay/PayPal will close a case in favour of the buyer no matter what, I mean really, NO MATTER WHAT. Because they don’t give a single f*ck about sellers. Which, when you think about it, is odd since as far as I know, sellers pay fees, not buyers. Anyway, here are 4 methods: Method 1 (e
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