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Sisoft Sandra problem

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Hi guys.


I'm trying to run Sisoft Sandra. The rules says that the 2007 version is necessary, but I can't find it, so, I downloaded the 2010 version.


The applications install just fine, without problems, but here is my question, in the CPU benchmarks I see many options, What options must I select?


When I try to run the 1st one, the rig goes freeze immediately. What do you think that is the problem?


My rig:


Phenom II X6 @3.8GHZ 1.325V in BIOS

Gigbayte 890FXA-UD5 Rev. 2.0

Crucial Ballistix Tracer 1600 4GB

Crucial C300 64GB + 2x500GB Itachi

GTX 260 @ 720/1210


Please help me to find the freeze problem and the correct benchmark that I must run to submit the score here.


Thanks for your help guys. ;)

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  • Crew
Thanks, I can see where is the number that I must enter.


Now, like I say I can't find the 2007 vesion, so, can I use the 2010 version? and what do you think about the freezing?


for sisoft sandra you can use any version you want or which is the fastest for you. :)

is your cpu stable on all cores? because all are under full load when doing the processor arithmetic test.

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