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Points are based on... what?


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Guys, it is not like I do overclocking for some points... I do it for fun of pushing hardware and finding the limits... and then moding the hardware and finding the limits again :D


So, screw points.


However... it just make me wonder ... on what the points are based?


A good example:





So in short, for 1st place in Aquamark, user got 7.2pts... for 1st place in 3DMark 01 user got 10.4pts... for 1st place in 3DMark 03 user got 9.4pts... for 1st place in 3DMark 05 user got 8.4pts... for 1st place in 3DMark 06 user got 4.6pts.


And zero pts for 1st place in 3DMark 99 and 3DMark 00 :celebration:


It that about right, or it is calculated based on ... what? Number of participating users, or what...? :P

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  • Crew

Check http://hwbot.org/benchmarks/videocard

to see what benchmarks don't get hardware points at all (like 3d 2000 and 99). As for the difference, yes,

it is calculated based on ... Number of participating users

Under 20 submissions (users) first place gets 2.0 points and after 20 it starts to raise. AFAIK, 49.9 is the maximum hardware points for the first place.

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