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  1. I remember a long time ago when klopcha was an overclocker and a good one. I wonder if we see this ever again.
  2. Ставьте лайки, подписывайтесь на мой канал 😃
  3. Exactly why I'd like to get one. Keep us updated of your progress, looking forward to see some nice testing and comparing with common competitors.
  4. Nice board! Where did you get it? Any chances you want to trade it for something? Would love to see some tests on it.
  5. That would be in a perfect world. There are some users that stay by the book and even the slightest step off the rules (for example, non-critical overlapping windows even with all the info being seen) with give them an opportunity for a claim. And I don't want to give them this kind of joy. If
  6. Bump. Really wanna know how to deal with them and not get punished. Or the only winning move is not to play?
  7. That's why we've built this new team in the first place, same thing happened to our teams but we all wanted to take part in TC. If W9 sounds too old for you, you can come to us 😆 Mobile/old school - I'm all in.
  8. @Leeghoofd, don't overvalue this one. Unfortunately it's a common problem within exUSSR countries over the last 20 years. Forums, TV, the papers wanna raise some hate. Hey, guys. We're here to have fun and chew bubble gum. And we're all out of bubble gum 😉 So let's finish with this BS and get back to overclocking and having fun. We don't care much about flags but people tend to care about ours. @max1024So you say these lads below should have my permission for performing?
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