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  1. Antinomy

    Please add HW

    I've sent and e-mail to Franck Delattre too, maybe he'll fix this in new CPU-Z. Looks like he didn't know too
  2. Antinomy

    Please add HW

    @cbjaust, unfortunately, not. 🙄
  3. Antinomy

    Please add HW

  4. Antinomy

    Please add HW

    need a validation link for an exact name from CPU-Z.
  5. Antinomy

    Please add HW

    The chipset is K8M800, CPU-Z is detecting incorrectly. To be more precise - K8M400 is a pre-production name and later has been renamed to K8M800. I'll combine and fix "K8M400" boards with K8M800. I've compiled an almost full list of VIA chipsets and there are dragons, lots of dragons over there... Maybe worth an article.
  6. Antinomy

    Please add HW

  7. Antinomy

    Correct it

    Strunkenbold decided to get some rest, now I'm running database back again. Fixed you requests.
  8. Achievements results have been updated once a day (unlike points) so maybe you just have to wait for a while. If problem still occurs after a day, let me know, I'll let the crew know.
  9. Thank you, fixed this one and some more.
  10. Antinomy

    Please add HW

    Added RTX Mobile.
  11. Antinomy


    I'll add them this evening.
  12. How about the good old - singing "Cold wind with rain..." and taking the battery out? :)
  13. @TerraRaptor, very interesting articles: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=64387 (check out 3DMark2001 as integral system performance test and Q3 as memory test) https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=64407
  14. Hello, SArd! Long time no see This function doesn't work after HWBot update. It has been suggested as a feature update, hope we'll see popularity rankings in the future.
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