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[EST] Estimate 5960X


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Guest george.kokovinis

With all due respect, it is the third time in a month, people ask for an estimate of their 5960X.

When asked if they wish to sell, all say no.

So, just out of curiosity, what does it matter what a possible and theoretical sale price would be ?


No offense or disrespect meant here.:)

I am simply curious.:celebration:

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Hi George,

I understand your feelings ;) I am not offended !

I'm thinking about selling the CPU but i would like a estimation before i commit.

It is my best 5960X in H20, i'm going to test it on Cold !

According to the results I shall sell certainly one of my 3 5960X ;)

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Guest george.kokovinis



Now I understand.

Yes, I know the pain...;)

I have gone thru five different 5960X cpus and finally kept two.


Well...if I may help here.

Silicon Lottery in USA asks for 1599$ for a pre-tested 5960X doing

Asus Real Bench ( 1 hour ) at 4.7ghz on an Asus X99 deluxe board

with 1.9750 VCCIN and ram at 2133 ( nice trap here :) ).


The last one I bought randomly from Amazon.de proved to be a

"platinum" cpu as Der8ouer said.

4.5ghz - 1.12V

4.6ghz - 1.20V

4.7ghz - 1.275V

4.8ghz - 1.35V

4.9ghz - 1.41V


All with 4.6ghz uncore - 1.35V and 1.95VCCIN except for 4.9 that I had to

go up to 2.00V

Pretty tight mems G.Skill 3200 at 13-14-16-16-1T-270trfc with only

1.48V and 1.15VCCSA.

I even managed 5.00ghz on CBR11.5 at 1.4750 but backed off.

Rock stable all benches 2 and 3D.


Watercooling 22 ambient.


Long story short, if I were you I would ask for 1500 Euros and maybe,

I repeat maybe settle at 1400 if I really needed to sell.


As for mine, I got a pm from someone offering 2000 Euros to buy and did not sell.


Hope I helped.



Happy benching



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