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OCZ Platinum PC10666 DDR3 Timings & Volts ?

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Hi all. I own 4 x 1 GB OCZ Platinum PC10666 DDR3.


I was wondering what the timings and the volts should be if i clock my CPU (Q6600) @ 3.2 MHz.


for now, I am @ 3.0 MHz and the Timings of the memories are 7 - 7 - 7 - 20 2T

and the volts @ 1.80


In other words, if the fsb changes, should the timing and volts of memory change too?


I just need some guidance or a link so to read information.


Thanks in advance.

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if u want a complete solution you may find it on net try google... if there is any solution u should be able to find it...




this video tutorial is kinda great for one who knows what is it all about :P


in general (well i dunno what is your knowledge so if u would feel ofended by my post pls excuse me) u can just overclock cpu without overclocking memory by correctly adjusting fsb:dram multiplier/divider (dunna which name is proper) or just lowering memory freq when rising cpu freq ;) but if u just cant adjust this the solution is simple... in the begining of oc u must set the lowest frequency for your memory that mobo allows and lower timings for that frequency (i assume u know that anchoring pci clock also is a must be!) then try rising cpu frequency at some point when u ve rised your cpu freq too high u may got errors... thats when u should by trial and error either lower timings or set higher vdram for memo (try first setting higher vdram)


example... from my experience (which is minute btw lol)


i have e2160 @ 1.8ghz fsb@200mhz and memory ddr2 800 cl5 (5-5-5-18 from spd)

first in bios i anchor pci @100mhz, dram is in my bios mobo lowest 533mhz and i let it be timings from spd which are for 533mhz a 4-4-4-12

then i oc my cpu a little now its @2070mhz with pci @100mhz and dram@ 306.7=613mhz effective at 4-4-4-12

and if i wanted go higher i would oc my cpu more by lowering cl to 5-5-5-15 and if at some point errors come i would try rising vdram or lowering cl if that would be possible


hope i helped lol


(btw u need to have good mobo for oc ;) i have shity one)

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thanks for the answer. it was interesting.


actually the guys in the video were giving too many volts on the cpu @ 3.0 GHz


i am doing the same with only 1.21 volts.


anyways, an interesting link is here.




i 'll try to take my Q6600 @ 3.2 GHz without changing the timings or the volts.


my mobo is ASUS P5K3. hope it wont be a ASUS P5K3 Smoking Edition.

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