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Pls add Asus TXP4-X mainboard


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HWbot does recognize Asus TXP4 mainboard:


...but not the "-X" version, witch is no revision bump, but entierly different mobo:


Asus TXP4:



Asus TXP4-X:



Pictures taken from manuals, I provide later better picture of the overal mobo for HWbot image support, this one is ughly, I photograph it better!


Manuals are there to check, how different these two are:


Asus TXP4-X manual: http://www.mediafire.com/?ty8a172cb0thmoa ( http://depositfiles.com/files/i6aq82fzm - https://mega.co.nz/#!eRVEDDCC!zhO6dKpzmBTn3ZoytyRaC-OaSjZE6MyC5qnEhEzWD5I )

Asus TXP4 manual: http://www.mediafire.com/?1sds42nqtnn7jpq ( http://depositfiles.com/files/7pynygwmn - https://mega.co.nz/#!XVMBiRhD!7FknHU9ln-szvBnvQjZ_jbmxHAQsDPq61xSb2fQIFMA )


Basically the -X version features full ATX format, one more ISA slot and onboard PS/2 connectors, unlike the DIN 5pin "thing" on the Asus TXP4.


Some pictures from the bench:

Asus_TXP4_X_1.jpg Asus_TXP4_X_2.jpg Asus_TXP4_X_3.jpg Asus_TXP4_X_4.jpg


...and why I like this mobo: 10.7MHz Intel CPU:




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