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Photos not allowed. Why?

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As the title suggest, I'd like to know why photos are not allowed here. I did that to save some time because of the damn coldbug freeze problem on AMD CPUs. My scores are clearly visible in the pictures.


Blocked score #1: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=671222 (this one was first blocked,then approved, and then re-blocked(!!) )

Blocked score #2: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=671223


Now, please tell me, what reasons are there to block these scores? Sure, I'm probably one of very few people who do this from time to time, but just because others don't do it is no reason to block the scores.


If you go here: http://www.hwbot.org/init.results.submit.do?applicationId=13 it says UPLOAD VERIFICATION IMAGE! If that's not enough, it says: "required for top 20 hall of fame" below the validation link box. Doesn't this mean that a validation link to the x86-secret site isn't needed at all? That you can upload a picture instead? If no-one has actually DEFINED what a VERIFICATION IMAGE is before I submitted my scores, I'd like them to be unblocked. If I ahd known that this was an issue before I benched the CPUs I would've spent more time and got the validations the normal way.

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02 Dec 2007 04:49 reported Bwanasoft reported by user due to possible cheat (system frezze - it´s a digicam picture )

10 Dec 2007 11:31 insufficient verification (crew) Bwanasoft insufficient verification (CPU Z Validation or JPG - not a pic from the Freeze Desktop)

10 Dec 2007 08:14 reported (crew) Massman reported by crew ()

15 Mar 2008 05:07 incorrect data (crew) demiurg incorrect submission (Photos isn`t validation)



photo does not prove the system is stable at that speed.... that why it was blocked I guess


It's a CPUZ result - of course it's not stable;):P

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problem is that such scores have to be at least somewhat stable to allow for a JPG screenshot, not 1 CPU-Z update & system freeze;)


...which would've been OK if it was written down somewhere so I could have looked upthe rule before I benched. I'm pretty sure that 99% of the overclockers out there think that CPUZ is a program used for proving max CPU frequency. Suddenly it's a bencmark, where you have to save a validation file to complete the test.

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